Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Weekend Craigslist Booty! Check Out My New "Danish Modern Stylized Desk"! Status: See Obi-Wan...There's Always Another.


This is the THIRD Broyhill Premier desk to pass through our front door.  All have been different lines.  Can you identify this line?  The clues are remarkably subtle.  Even the seller forgot that this was Broyhill, so little there is to distinguish it from others like Lane, Drexel and Baumritter.  But it's a subtlety that serves this desk well.  Have you guessed the line yet?  Click through and scroll down to see if you're right!


I was working a midnight shift last week and was "getting up" around 4pm every day so

getting out of the house Saturday before 2pm was not necessarily comfortable. But It has

just been so nice out this January that I hated the idea of sleeping the daylight away. I

dragged my tired old bones out of bed some time earlier so as to have a bit of daylight to

shoot Momoderne's new shop (featured yesterday). As is my habit I scanned craigslist for

anything interesting just after opening my eyes and right away hit paydirt.


This fetching knee hole writing desk was waiting right there at the top of the list for me!  I shot

an e-mail offer off post-haste with a call back number, grabbed my hat and coat and made like

 a tree.  I had a day to fill.  I was a little surprised to get a call later that evening while we were

still in South City.  I felt a little lucky in both that the desk was being made available to me (I'm

sure I wasn't the only one to take note of it!) and that I was half way to the owners location at

the time!


So have you sussed out the name of line yet?  The desk lacks the tell tale cabinet door details

that might have given it away easily.  I'm surprised that those details were not added to the

sides of the desk in the way that Broyhill did with the Brasilia line.  The Broyhill Sculptra desk

also lacks many identifying marks less it's somewhat distinctive handles and top edges but

neither are as unadorned as this desk.  This desk is for those who might see the Brasilia or

Sculptra a bit brash or over the top.


Blam!  There it is.  Saga!  I would have never guessed.  Well, in my defense, I've never owned

any Broyhill Saga so I have had little experience with it.  I've had my hands all over Brasilia and

Sculptra and have inspected many pieces of Emphasis and a few of the Forward 70 though

never owned any.  Am I missing any?  Has anyone seen an Emphasis or Forward 70 desk?

Got pictures?  I'd love to see them!


There were (as there always seems to be) extras stashed away behind the drawers.  This time

it's brand new pens!  Good...now the Girlfriend can stop accusing me of taking all her pens.

I've got my own.  Oh, the other extra.  Did you notice?  A fitted glass top.  Ooooo....I know,

"Nice!".  I love fitted glass on nice wood furnture.  It's so much classier than plastic on the sofa.

  It kicks formica tops butt and will never let a water ring happen.


Look at how nice that original finish is.  I imagine that the glass was installed as soon as this was

brought home from the store.  The front edge just above the middle drawer is a little finish worn

as are some areas on the legs but this is an excellent example of a piece with age appropriate

wear that (IMHO) enhances its splendor.  I'm hoping to figure out a good place to put this since

I'd love to keep it, but alas...everything (pretty much) has its price.  Hint Hint!


  1. I recognized this as a Saga immediately as the room divider I had posted about awhile back had the same drawer pulls and leg lines and it sold the first day I had it in the store. There is also the Modern Classic line in Broyhill. I'll see if I can find the pics of the dining table and chairs I had that already sold. Still have the china.

  2. We sold a Broyhill Saga bedroom set a few months ago, but we haven't had a desk yet. Nice find.

  3. Nice find! Looks just like the Brasilia desk with different pulls and without the stylized side panels.

  4. I have the same desk and about 9 other pieces of the Saga line. I couldnt find any other information on the net. If anyone has any links or info, please post.
    Good score, great desk. How can i send you photos?

  5. Johnny! - Copy this craigslist e-mail address. It'll come to me...at least until that ad gets flagged...so be quick!


  6. That is a very sweet little desk - I especially love the slightly curved front edge!

    I've got a Forward 70 desk that I use for sewing and I absolutely love it! I've got a few pics but they aren't really any good for showing any of the details.

  7. Hey there! I messaged you a few months back looking to see if you had a desk like this, I need one for my son. How much is this?