Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It Was So Freakishly Warm Out Today That I Just Had To Finally Drag This Heywood Wakefield Dining Set Out And Shoot Some Pics. Status: Pretty But Distressed.


Lately I've been getting inquiries via my craigslist ads wondering if I might have this or that. Usually I don't and will try to help them find what they are looking for if I have the time, but sometimes I actually do have what they are looking for and just haven't ever gotten around to shooting pics of it for my ads. This Heywood Wakefield dining set is one of those items.


I got an e-mail a few days ago asking if I might have a drop leaf table measuring less than 30"

when closed. I've had a pretty full week with working overtime and other less pleasant things.

Then I attended my Grandmother's funeral this weekend. But today was a perfect day to finally

get out in the Garage and photograph some of the nearly forgotten items that I didn't get around

to shooting when I got them.


This is one of those crazy magic tables that can go from seating two in a small kitchen (only 27"

when closed up) to unfurling its two leaves to seat four very generously, to spreading out to a

full 83" (very nearly 7'!) perhaps seating up to eight. It's super solid for being approximately 60

years old. Heywood Wakefield was built to last a lifetime...or three. The finish is well,

distressed. It could easily be used as is. It's not so rare a piece that I'd be embarrassed to

simply sand and paint it but it would look so great if it were to be properly refinished. Looks

like a job for A Modern Line
. I so wish we lived closer. I'd love to have a place to take all my

Hey / Wake for needed attention!


The table is either an M989G from 1954-55 or it's an M1549G from 1956-66.  I can't see a

difference between the two.  I failed to get under the table and look for the ID number as I was

in kind of a hurry.  I wasn't sure how long the nice weather would hold out.  Since there were

likely so many more of the M1549G made, I'm going to guess it's that.  It's a good looking table

with those Googie looking legs and simple rectangular top, don't you think?


There four chairs are also available with the table as a set.  I hesitate to label them "rare" but I

can't find any pictures of them using Google Images.  They are Heywood Wakefield M577A

side chairs from 1952.  They too are pretty solid for their age.  They too could benefit from a

dose of refinish love.  The upholstery is in good shape and doesn't necessarily need to be

redone but since there is quit a large swath of cloth seating surface there, they make for a

great canvas to show off your own style.  Wouldn't these look great in nice atomic barkcloth?


So there ya go, if you are looking for a serviceable dining set that you can keep in a small space

for intimate candle lit dinners and transform into a large banquet set for family gatherings, shoot

me a note via my craigslist ads. I can hook ya up!


  1. This is a great table. I sold one with with some M1552 side chairs that I had refinished to a couple in Orlando along with a china. I'm guessing the table is the M989 as it coordinates with the dates on your chairs. I'm not too wild about the style of this chair. I haven't had any come my way and maybe they weren't very popular although they would look loads better with an atomic barkcloth. It looks like the plugs have been pulled and replaced on the sides of the backs for the reupholstery work. Bet that wasn't any fun and they should have had them refinished while they were apart. I cringe when I hear paint and H/W used together. Don't make me have to send in an intervention team! :-)I'll be glad when I get all my other projects cleaned up and can get back to my extensive stash of H/W!

  2. The table is stunning. I love the legs! I'm so sorry to hear about your grandma. I hope you're coping okay.

  3. I have a nice H/W folding dining room table, but the previous owner had it refinished and sanded off the H/W stamp. Don't let this happen!

  4. I have the same table, plus 4 chairs a china hutch (breakfront) and buffet table.