Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More From Royal Haeger Potterys. Same Shape - Different Finish. Status: Three's Company.


I do love me some Royal Haeger!  After seeing a large collection of this line in the brilliant orange at a now defunct retro shop on Cherokee Street's Antique Row many years ago I was hooked.  I started picking up a piece here and there at thrift stores and estate sales.  Then I spotted the line in this finish.  Sweet.  I could keep buying without collecting duplicates!
detail 1d

I find collecting small items from a line like this so much fun because I don't usually find them

all in one place at the same time.  Actually, that wouldn't be any fun at all!  I enjoy the hunt.  It

always starts with a single piece bought solely for it's aesthetic qualities...and maybe hoping it's

worth a bit more than what I'm paying for it.

detail 2detail 1c
detail 2bdetail 1a

Finding a second piece of a specific line is always a surprise to me and gives me such a charge

because this means there's more out there to find! That's when the fun really begins because

now I'm on the hunt. I can actively search the pieces out and do research to find out what else

there is to find.


It seems like a few years ago I was finding a piece of Royal Haeger about once or twice a

month. I haven't come across many new pieces lately, just a large bright orange compote about

a month ago. I haven't seen any in this Gold Tweed Glaze in years. Even more seemingly rare

are the blue / green pieces
. I haven't seen any Royal Haeger in that color combination in

MANY years. Most of my collection is in the blazing orange color.


The sublime shapes and subtle curves of these two ashtrays bring to mind one of my favorite

Heywood Wakefield lines: Kohinoor. The Kohinoor line of bedroom furniture is heavily faceted

much like the Kohinoor diamond and I'm sure that was sorta the point but if you've ever seen

the Heywood Wakefield Kohinoor bed you'll understand why I can see a family resemblance to

this Royal Haeger line even though there is no actual relation. Oh to dream of a bedroom full of

Hey/Wake Kohinoor surrounded by Royal Haeger. ::sigh:: Now that's class.


  1. I've refnished a bunch of the Kohinoor piecees of mine and for several customers and it's one of my favs. Got a dresser sitting in storage now that's on my top priority list to get a start on. Yes, the Royal Haeger would look Great sitting on these pieces!!! Nice collection ya got there...

  2. Oh wow, I love the gold finish on these. The rectangular ashtray is great. I have a giant piece of Royal Hagar its 16" long and 9" high. Its an "Impala Planter" with a black and tuquoise glaze. It came form a now closed shop wher ei purchased my 1954 stove. it was $80 then, and I waited and waited and finally it came home with me for the heavy sum of $10.00