Thursday, January 26, 2012

Can't Find Those "Just Right" Barkcloth Drapes? Look To Space Age Synthetics! Status: Stylishly Modern.


I don't find cool drapes often at the thrift stores but when I do I don't bother measuring or looking for small holes.  Oh sure, I'll unfold them and see what we have but I don't think I've EVER put a set back.
These four panels are tall and narrow.  Enough for two tall windows or, with a little work, for

short windows!  It's a shame that, unlike barkcloth, these really can't be used for upholstery.

You could make throw pillows out of them but they aren't going to be very comfy.  It's best to

leave these for their intended use.


I just love the mod pattern.  I'm gonna say this is an architectural / garden print.  These drapes

won't block much light.  They'd be great for a window in front of a sink in the kitchen.

Unfortunately I haven't got a window in front of a sink in either house! 0 for 2.

DSCN5567edit 3
edit 2edit 1

Guest Bedroom - Philco Predicta (WORKS!), Velvet Bridge Painting, Red "Orange Slice" Chair

I've got another set similar to these in the spare bedroom filtering the light coming through the

very tall, very skinny front windows in that room. They were a set of two panels that were

intended to be used on one window but since I don't need to ever "open" the drapes on these

windows, I just used one on each window. Ta-Da!


  1. Love that vintage fabric -- if you ever want a dark room and want to use your thrift finds, you can get blackout fabric from somewhere like Hobby Lobby and just put it in behind, either with a lightly stitched (and removable) hem or with another tension rod or something. We used some in the music room and it really works for almost complete blackout. Cheers - CT

  2. Nice prints. We are going to have, going forward, a curtain and fabric section in the new incarnation of our current location (see earlier post). My wife is a fabric hound whether it's pillows, curtains or just any vintage fabric. We've also have consignors come in with some really cool curtains. We have several large bins we keep on hand for projects but it may be time to share a bit :)