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Thursday, July 14, 2011

George Street Antique Mall, Alton Illinios. Don't let "Antique Mall" put you off. Status: Hidden Treasure - Going Way Back.

Yet another great stash of Mid Century furnishings looking for a new home. Plus the place is right in the middle of "antique row".


There are maybe a dozen more shops and "malls" within walking distance of the George Street

joint. Some look like junk shops (but don't expect junk shop prices) others are very nicely kept

and well lit. Plan on making a day of it! Just down the road about a half mile is the world famous

Fast Eddies Bon-Air bar and grill. This is THE place for lunch. I'd waste half a paragraph talking

about it, but you can Google it.

(BTW, Last time I was there this Russel Wright set was gone)

Anyway, so check out the Vladimir Kagan by Chromecraft dining set!  Cool huh?  Who knew

you might find something that Mod in a pretty little town known mostly for it's patron Giant?

  Oooh, and that Russel Wright dining suite is uh...sweet!  Call Sharon @ 618-463-1693 for

pricing and availability on anything you see here. The hours are Noon to 5pm (I think...don't

hold me to that!). 




Originally posted: Monday, September 27, 2010


  1. Feel like making a trip to Milwaukee Mr. Modtomic? Looky what I found!


  2. I bought that Fritz and Francis end table over a month ago. Love it!