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Monday, July 4, 2011

Got The Retro Munchies? Feel Like Taking A Step Back In Time While Chowing On A Pattie Melt? Status: Got 2 Words For Ya - Chuck A Burger.


The joint has been around for ever.  They still have hot rod shows / cruise nights.  The food is exactly what you hope when you pull into the lot.  And yes, there is Rock & Roll playing all the time!


The first time I was in this place I was just a little kid.  It's amazing that it's still here.  There is a

new Chuck A Burger out in the county so It looks like they are doing OK.  This location is just

across the street from a high school.  Bet that helps keep the doors open!  How cool would it

be to be able to hit a joint like this for lunch during school or after school with your buddies?


The place has a lot of reproduction '50s stuff but it also has quite a bit of the real deal.  Check

out how low those stools are!


The owners take some pride in the history of the restaurant.  They have a couple posters up

on the walls showing the place in the past.


The wind blew down the Main Sign out front a few years ago and the place was close to being

shuttered.  Local interest kept the doors open but the poor sign was never replaced.  Not that

they need it.  This place is well known.


Even on a random Saturday there are a couple hot rods out back under the drive in covers.

  Cool cars.  Right up my alley!  How about a hot rod Frank?


If these kind of places intrigue you, please support and frequent them.  They are disappearing

at a fast rate and they won't be around for ever. 


1 comment:

  1. LOOOOOOOOOVE the Chuck-A-Burger! Definitely a St. Louis business worth keeping around! Kind of disappointing myself that the Del-Taco is going. :|