Friday, June 20, 2014

We're Taking The Girlfriend's New (To Us) GTI On Our Annual Summer Roadtrip And I Find Myself Taking More Pics Of Him (We Named Him Jack - 'Cuz He's A Rabbit...Get It?) Than I Have Of Us! Status: The Golf.


Just a quick note from the road.  We have ZERO cell coverage out here in the wild west, otherwise I'd be posting more often.  Rest assured, I'm taking plenty of pics and will be sharing our experience in full eventually.  In the mean time, enjoy these pics of Jack the GTI Rabbit!

Pure coincidence I assure you.  Well, maybe not!  I love the kitsch of the giant Sinclair Oil dinosaurs

easily as much as I do The Flintstones.  These were many miles apart though.  And check the

weather...this was the same day.  The Sinclair dino was just outside our motel room in Wall in the

morning and The Flintsones little theme park was southwest about maybe a hundred miles in the

middle of the the Black Mountains near Mount Rushmore later that same day.


These were shot in Badlands National Park.  We purchased an Interagency Pass there that gets us into

all the National Parks and some National Monuments while there.  We did have to pay to park at

Mount Rushmore, but we got in free at Devils Tower...go figure.  Yep, those are Bison!  They's scary

when you're out of your car, believe that.  I got seriously eyeballed by one and thought I might have

to make a break for it.

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  1. Kitty report: He came out and let me pet him... when I was putting his food in his bowl... for a couple of seconds.

    Progress is progress, right?