Thursday, June 12, 2014

Last Saturday, After Visiting MoModerne And ShootIng Like A Hundred Pics, We Hit A South County Savers...And Were Trapped By A Tornado Siren / Severe Weather Alert In The Break Room. Status: Lived To Tell The Tale.


It's not so strange to believe that I might wrap things up while shopping for bargains at a thrift store.  I'm there a lot.  Saturday found us perusing items at the South County Savers when the tornado sirens...and everybody's phones...sounded off.  It wasn't a particularly violent or long lasting storm, but it gave me pause.


The staff got all us shoppers to huddle in their break room, ironically for about 15 minutes, while the

storm passed by.  When we were let out it was sunny and beautiful again!  I grabbed up this painting

that I had sadly left outside the break room and went looking for some shorts and T-shirts for summer

and checked out.  Whew...close call.


This is the lengths I go to in order to procure fantastic art and offer in my booths at the Antique

Malls!  This one is actually a real painting, as apposed to a print.  Again, it's a Parisian waterfront least I think it is.  Wouldn't it be fun to paint a War Of The Worlds alien death machine in

the background...or how about a nuclear reactor cooling tower?  You know...done really well, so that

it looks like it was done at the time of the rest of the painting!  What else would look funny on this

Any way, it should be available shortly...if I'm giving you any ideas.

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