Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Couple Nights Ago We Had To Find A Place To Stay For The Night After Visiting Mount Rushmore. We Got Lucky And Scored The Last Available Room At The Battle Creek Lodge. No Great Sign But It Was A Lovely Place To Rest Our Weary Bones! Status: Stayed.


While waiting for the Girlfriend to secure the room I noticed this amazing sunset and just had to jump out of the car to shoot some pics.  We probably should have stuck around Mount Rushmore to see this but might have missed out on this last room.


This was a great little motel.  There weren't a lot of rooms but the room we got was amazing.  Super

comfy king size bed, knotty pine on the front and back walls, fully updated...we were impressed. 


We would have liked a little larger TV again, but this is really all you need in a room this size.  As

long as we get our cable fix.  You gotta remember, we only get over the air broadcast TV and Netflix



There was a great breakfast included with the room, but we had to get up early and out of the room to

catch the early train trip to Hill City and back on the vintage train.  It was a great trip in a vintage

train car seeing where there were many abandon mines and lots of wild life.  After the train ride we

did a Zip Line and a Chair Lift / Alpine Slide just up the road in Keystone.


Keystone is one of those great little towns filled with all kinds of kitschy stuff from taffy shops to

mini golf to places to pan for gold.  We didn't stick around long but I'd definitely put this place on my

list for places to stay if you're going to check out Mount Rushmore.  It's really close by and very

family friendly.


  1. We stayed there before it was "fashionable", just opened, probably 2007 or so, where room service was a moderately warm can of Coke, delivered by a hippie. My kids had never encountered a real hippie before. This hotel was technically probably not even open. In the morning, we ate some cereal with milk for breakfast downstairs with tables still with chairs on the top, stuff was propped against the tables waiting to be hung up on the walls. The hippie manager told our kids they should go to the Badlands "because they're really baaaaad." He said we could go to a nearby shop to "buy rocks for the children". My daughter recalls that he said this about 3 times. The kids are college-age now, but they still laugh when they think about this place. The hotel people did try very hard to make our stay memorable, and it worked. My husband really enjoyed it; it was an interesting and fun experience. It was great to see your photos.

    1. Hi Catunien.

      Wow! That is a super funny story...thanks for taking the time to share with us! No hippies for us, but there was the cutest little doggie in the lobby that I'm pretty sure wanted to come home with me!