Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Last Post From Home For A While. Expect Some Re-Runs! We're Headed West For Our Annual Roadtrip Vacation. In The Mean Time...Check Out This Great Thrift Lamp Find! Status: C-Ya!


I'll probably still post some new stuff every couple days, but in between I'll have to put up some old posts.  I'm thinking all of them will be vacation related.  So this cool little ceramic and wood table lamp will be the last new post from home for a while.


Hmmm...I feel like I should have saved something a bit more interesting for today's post.  Oh well, I

don't really plan this stuff out any more than I do our vacations!  What ever is available on the day is

what gets posted usually.  Same with our vacations.  We go somewhere and see what we can do when

we get there.  It almost always works out just fine.  I mean, we always go somewhere where there's

lots of cool stuff to do!


Unlike some table lamps of this ilk, this particular item has both a ceramic decorative center AND

base.  Many of these lamps utilize a walnut base and brass trim whereas this lamp makes use of paint

to simulate those materials.  Does a pretty good job of it too, IMHO. 


Luckily, I had just the right shade waiting for this lamp...also picked up at a thrift, many days ago.  Ya

gotta buy the parts to put these together when they're available.  I hardly ever find a great lamp with a

great shade attached.  Same with the shades.  The worst is finding a matched pair of cool lamps 'cuz I

hardly EVER find a matched pair of shades!  I've still got a pair of lamps sans shades found two years

ago on vacation in upstate New York.  Since we're taking the new GTI on this year's trip I'll have to be

picky about what I bring home this year.  The Golf is a hatchback, but it ain't no Focus Wagon!  See

ya on the road!


  1. safe travels.. bring me back a karl springer z style brass end table reasonably priced thanks lol

  2. Have fun and lots of vintage adventures!