Thursday, June 5, 2014

FINALLY! A Weekend Project Completed! It Only Took 3 Years. Look, Somethin' Came Up...I Got Distracted! But Now, The Atomic Hoop Chairs Are (Mostly) Done. Status: Need Feet.


All that's left to do is maybe another coat of rattle can Satin Black, attach the seats and slip on some protective feet.  I just hate waiting for paint to dry!  I have very little capacity for the waiting.  I love instant gratification!

                                   Before                                                                       After


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It's amazing what a little time and effort can achieve.  These have been waiting on a fresh coat of

paint for ages
.  I spotted them on criagslist a couple years ago and asked the girlfriend to pick them

up since they were close to home and I was still at work.  Then they languished on the front patio

ever since. 


Well, yesterday I had finally had enough.  I had the paint.  I had the new seats.  It was time to stop

fooling around and get some stuff done!  They weren't gonna paint themselves.  Lord knows I gave

them enough time to try.  Funny thing is, it takes so very little time to actually paint stuff like this. 

It's the waiting for it to dry that kills me.  I don't just hit them with one coat and call it a day, no Sir.  I

give everything a couple of light coats and it has always served me well.  I've got a pair of Bertoia

Diamond chairs that got the same treatment many years ago (5ish) and even though one lives outside

on the back patio, they are still looking good.


Sure, they might have been better served with having a pop of color like the blue vinyl that they

arrived in, but the tan upholstery on the cushions is in such great shape that it seemed a violation

some how to pull it off and replace it.  It'd be an easy job...if someone else wanted to do so, just not

me!  Right now, the second coat of paint is drying on these then I'll attach the seats and head down to

the True Value hardware store for some feet.  After that, they'll be heading to the booth.  Which booth

should I drop these off at, Creve Coeur or The Shag?  Any opinions?

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