Saturday, June 7, 2014

Today I Had To Make A Trip To South County To Drop Off Some Items At MoModerne And Since I Was There I Thought I'd Shoot A Little Tour Of The Shop Since They've Expanded. Status: Doubled Up.


Yup!  SHOP.  Is it a description...or a suggestion?  Dunno.  If you're in the mood though, this is a great place TO shop.  It'll make your little heart go pitter patter.  And if you SHOP wisely, you can even walk out the door with a bargain!

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Yes, today we bid farewell to the Paul McCobb chairs that I had recently picked up.  Delivering them

today was the entire impetus for our outing.  First though, we had to fill our bellys at Rooster.

Mmmm, that place is great for breakfast or brunch.  I had a Mimosa with a bacon, egg, lettuce and

tomato it was Brunch for us.


Next I had to drop off an extension leaf for a table that I had just delivered to it's new home last

weekend in South City.  A local buyer had picked up a number of goods from me the previous week

and I spent the day Saturday delivering them all to him.  I even gave him a great deal on a Drexel

Declaration dining set that I had stowed away in the garage for a long time.  But I had forgot to pull

out the leaf when I delivered the table and chairs, hence the late delivery today.


'Twas not a problem since I had to venture even further south to MoModerne on Watson Rd. to drop

off the McCobb chairs.  The proprietor had seen them on the blog and shot me a text to ask if they

were available - as is.  Sure, why not!  I enjoy a quick flip as much as anybody.  I got them pretty

cheap and as a result could let them go pretty cheap too, especially since I didn't do anything but haul

them home and shoot some pics of them.


So that's how I ended up at MoModerne today.  Man do they have some pretty things in here.  Some

of it's obviously way out of my price zone, but then there are items (like the Knoll Style Settee) that

anyone could easily take home and be happy with.  Yes, this is the finer brother to Junk Junkie but it's

not all high end fancy pants.  You'll find some reasonably priced "inspired by" style pieces in here



I wish I was as good at staging my items as these folks are.  That's the difference between weekend

warriors like me and the pros.  They've got their stuff together.  I have to kind of rely on what I can

come up with to fill the empty spaces that appear randomly, whereas they've obviously got that down

to a bit more of a science.  They've probably got a stock room of stuff ready to drop when needed.


But then again, I do see some items in here that I spotted at recent estate sales and or auctions.  Maybe

they're just better at covering their butts that I am!  Truth is, I just don't spend as much time as they

do arranging what they've got on the floor.  I should, I'm just tired.  Beat, really.  And also I like to do

other stuff.  Like tonight, we're headed to the Drive In to see some movies!


That's what you get when it's your full time gig, the luxury of getting to mess with it full time!  I've

really only got the weekends available to me, and there are other things to do then deliver

chairs, and tables, and sofas and stuff!  Don't forget mowing the lawn...and hitting the thrifts.  Gotta

have some priorities, right?  Anyway, if you're in the south county area and want to drool over some

beautiful vintage home furnishings, you could do lots worse than a trip to MoModerne.  I highly

recommend a stop!


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  1. Hooray that you went to the drive-in! I know what you mean about the difference between people who have full- time hours to devote to something that we can only do in the hours outside of the 40 hour grind. But I always try to remind myself to be proud of what I AM able to do in those moments, and can you just imagine how awesome we'd be at these things if we could concentrate all day on them?

    If it makes you feel any better about your staging vs. theirs - I will say that as a shopper I actually prefer a little disarray. If everything is too perfect it sucks the life out of it a bit. When things are neat and tidy but not preciously arranged, I'm more likely to think that I might "discover" something or even be able to envision it in my house more easily, since my place doesn't look like a showroom.

    Hope you had a great time at the movies, and much like your needing to mow the lawn etc, I'm up early to do laundry and house stuff so I have time later to write. Free time? Not so much. But it's what we choose to do so we make it work whenever we can!