Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What Could Make Smoking More Fun Than A Big Ol' Orange Hippo Ashtray?! No No...Smoking's Bad. BUT, This Would Be A Great Place To Store Your E-Cigs...Or Change Or Even Grow A Cute Little Plant! Status: Soon To Be Available.


When did Hippos become synonymous with smoking?  Then again, how did a camel become a cartoon character luring children to buy cigarettes?  And orange?  Ah...the sixties...and hippies!

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For some reason the pics make Mr. Hippo here look kinda Pink, but I assure you that he is indeed an

almost pure Orange.  Too bad, I kinda like the idea of a Pink Hippo planter.  I've got a photo

somewhere of both the Girlfriend and myself posing next to a life size Pink Hippo.  Wow, that was a

long time ago!


This little guy came from the Ferguson Goodwill last Sunday along with the huge vintage print I

featured yesterday.  It'll get a tag on it and be in a booth soon.  Can't say which though.  Haven't

thought that far ahead.  I've got to visit both before the end of the week.  I've got to find room at

Creve Coeur for the leather Sater Sofa and I wanna drop off the big print at The Shag.


Plus I gots to pay that rent, and pick up the checks...'cuz it's time for our annual Roadtrip Vacation

again!  I'm like 90% sure that we're headed to the North West this year, but I might change my mind

at the last minute.  We've been to so many great places over the years that it's hard to ignore their

call.  Last year's trip to the Florida Keys really did a number on me.  I find myself wanting to listen to

some Jimmy Buffet and toss my cell phone (no no, just kidding about the cell phone...I'd go crazy

within minutes).  The year before we hit the Adirondacks and that really made an impression as well.

Plus we always enjoy a trip to New Orleans or Myrtle Beach.  The decision is not an easy one to

make.  I almost wish I'd found a Magic 8 Ball at the thrift instead!

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