Monday, June 9, 2014

This Is The Second IKEA Sater Sofa That I've Been Able To Offer Up To You Fine Folks. Yeah Yeah, I Know. I'm Not A Big Fan Of IKEA, But (Appearently!) I Do Like These Leather Sofas. Am I A Hypocrite? Probably. ::Shrug:: Status: Already Gone.


We had planned to get out to the Wentzville flea market at about 8am Sunday morning, but a couple of things conspired against us.  One, well...we got up late.  Two, this IKEA Sater sofa suddenly became available to me at about 8am and it was located in the opposite direction of Wentzville.  Hustla's gotta do what a hustla's gotta do!


We might have missed out on some good stuff by arriving at the flea market around 11am instead of

8am, but at least I had a guaranteed score in the back of Frank already.  This was found downtown St.

Louis in a high rise apartment building.  I had never been in one of these building right down close to

the riverfront and it had a pretty good view from the 14th floor.


I was worried a little bit that getting this sofa out of the apartment and the building would be a pain in

the wazoo but after unscrewing the legs and handing the back and side cushions off to The Girlfriend,

the seller and I were able to easily fit this into the passenger elevator and take it right out the front

door.  Easy.  But that's the whole idea behind IKEA, right?


Also note that the Sater sofa is not currently available from IKEA and even though this is obviously

no longer new, it's holding up great.  No sag in the middle or crushed cushions.  The leather surface

on the seat cushions has some normal wear, but over all this is a great looking and comfortable sitting

apparatus.  If I was going to keep this for myself, I'd probably take the stainless steel legs off and

replace them with some tapered wood legs for a little more sexy appeal, but that's it.  I do need to find

some new feet for those stainless legs though before I offer it up, but it'll be in the Creve Coeur booth

soon, unless you're desperate for it and want it that case, send me a note and let me know!

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