Friday, June 27, 2014

You Go To Yellowstone National Park And You Just About CAN'T Take A Bad Photo. I Do Have To Thank The Weather For Cooperating Though. They Ain't Lying When They Say You Can't Really See Yellowstone In A Day. Status: Visited.


Yup, that's Ol' Faithful!  We only had to wait around about 25 - 30 minutes for the big show too.  AND it wasn't that crowded either!  And like I mentioned above...the weather was perfect!  What crazy Ju Ju is this?


First let's take a look at some of the vintage signage around the area.  We only stayed at the Big Bear

Motel (in Cody Wyoming) and can only recommend it since we have no idea what the rest look like

from the inside.  Still, if a vintage motel is taking care of a vintage sign, I figure it's worth at least

stopping to check out a room...if one is even available.


West Thumb Geyser Basin is a must see in my book.  The colors you'll see here are unreal.  You'll

also see a wide variety of geysers in size, color and shape.  Nothing was shooting in the air or

steaming like crazy, but it was so pretty...and right next to Yellowstone Lake, across which you'll

have a beautiful view of the Absoraka Range.  You can't take a bad pic!


I guess we went still early in the season because were even here on a Saturday and there wasn't too

much traffic (probably NONE compared to high season) or crowds.  Sure all the benches surrounding

Old Faithful were filled but there wasn't much by way of crowding and we had an easy view up close

for our first time seeing it shoot off.  The second time (of which I have pictured above), we were

coming back from a long hike of the surrounding area.  If you have the time, I highly recommend

doing so.


Another must see is Midway Geyser Basin.  At the far side of the loop trail you'll see steam coming

off the water in the geyser and it will appear white from one angle and blue from another (see last

photo of the above 6) blue!  There is a pic from the Old Faithful site and one from

Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces included in those above as well.  We got to Mammoth too late to

really get good shots, but I did manage a few before the sun abandoned me!  Then we exited the park

at the north entrance and had an amazing dinner at a restaurant called The Raven in Gardiner MT.  It

was a goooood day!


  1. Yellowstone is beyond beautiful, you should see it in the winter too if you get the chance.


  2. I've enjoyed seeing your pictures! About 30 years ago, I took a similar trip through Colorado and Wyoming. Brings back memories. :)

  3. Thanks for the comments. I can only imagine how fantastic Yellowstone must be in the winter time....and how treacherous it must be to drive through! Bev, one of the park guides thought we all might be bringing our kids back in "50 years" to see Old Faithful again. Really?!