Wednesday, April 24, 2013

This Overman "Pod" Chair Sat Forlorn And Lonely On Craigslist For One Too Many Days. I Just Couldn't Take It Anymore. Another Orange Overman? Yup. Status: Cleanup In Progress.


I hope to be able to make this available soon, but I'm going to work on cleaning the upholstery first.  It's not bad but could be better.  Since this is a relatively simple shape, I'm thinking that I might just strip it down and toss it in the washer!  Anybody ever tried such a radical move?


I've stripped off upholstery before to repair a busted seam on a couple of other chairs.  It's not too

difficult to do so and then "re-skin" the piece, but I've not done so on an Overman Pod chair.  I'm

gonna wash in cold and then hang dry so as to not shrink the material.  I might even go crazy and try

Ritt dye if, after I clean the upholstery, it's not looking as good as I'm hoping.  The sun seems to get

the better of the fabric that Overman chose to use on these chairs and fading is an issue.


The base is in excellent condition though.  I've got another one of these out in the Garage that I need

to actually re-upholster completely.  It's got a hole in it's blue material.  Such a shame.  But at least it

was was this one.  It came bundled with a Herman Miller / Eames upholstered shell armchair

that you might have seen a few days ago in my attempt at artistic tomfoolery.  I'll have a full posting on

that particular chair soon.


  1. You should invest in a steam cleaner. They work wonders with upholstery and you wouldn't have to take the risk of stripping the fabric. Ours was about $250. We use it all the time.

  2. Last weekend I bought the orange vinyl "shell chair" you had at Green Shag. Can you tell me any history on the chair? Did you re-upholster it? If so what did the original look like? I'm an interior designer and would love to know. Thx!

  3. Good looking. Great shade of orange too.

  4. I have a chair that looks EXACTLY like this. same color, everything. But instead of an Overman label, mine says it was made by Burris Industries in Lincolnton, NC. I wonder if mine is a 1960-something knock-off (it's definitely old) or if Burris industries could have distributed the Overman chair. Do you have any idea? Thanks!
    Allison B.