Saturday, April 27, 2013

I KNOW! Chairs! I Gots Plenty. Add Four More Eames / Miller Aluminum Group Task Armchairs To The Lot. What Can I Say, It Makes Me Happy! Status: Overjoyed / Overwhelmed (Gone!).


I look around craigslist a lot.......A....LOT.  Sometimes, when I've looked at what seems like everything offered by owners...twice, I turn to scanning through that which is offered by dealers.  Dealers include, but are not exclusively, mattress outlets...and tons of 'em.  This is why I normally filter dealers out when I sift through craigslist.  But sometimes turning over those crap covered rocks turns up a little treasure.


This set of four Herman Miller / Eames task chairs was first seen in a "furniture by dealer" ad about a

week ago.  Like I said, I was slumming it there, looking through some of the used office furniture flipper

ads because sometimes they get something cool...and don't care that it's something cool.  Such was the

case with these.  They actually weren't even being advertised.  The ad was for some big stuffy desk or

some such nonsense, but right there...down in the corner, I could just make out the top edge of one of

these chairs.  Target acquired and we have radar lock.


I had hoped to drop by the office furniture seller last Saturday to secure these but I got around to

remembering too late to make the trip.  This morning I got up and at 'em early enough to get a little

something something done before work, I chose to check the sellers business and see if maybe they

still had the chair I spied.  I played it cool asking, "Do you know if maybe you still have this purple and

silver office chair that I spotted on one of the pictures in your ad?"  Score!  They had four!  I thought

they might not know what they had, but guess what...they had them tagged as Herman Miller Eames

Management Chairs!  And STILL they were a bargain.


Being 23 years old, these all have their share of bumps and scrapes, but the upholstery is in great shape.

I've learned my lesson about Aluminum Group chairs and Upholstery.  As far as I'm concerned, it's a non

starter.  I did a little research back when I had those snappy gold Aluminum Group side chairs.  It costs

a fortune to get new pads and it's stupid hard to put them on!  It all can be done...but I'm far to lazy for

all that!


  1. We used to frequent Office Furniture Resources on the Rock Road. We referred to it as "Design Within our Reach"! Love these.

    1. HA! Love that! "Design Within our Reach" Great quote. Hope you don't mind my using it!