Monday, April 1, 2013

After Three Days Pickin' In The Sticks We Decided To Make A Special Trip To The BIG City And Hang With Some Like Minded Folk. Status: Good Times!


We were hoping to keep enough time open on our little roadtrip vacation to get a chance to meet Dana of and her Son-In-Law who operates the shop Mid2Mod.  It was an easy drive from Canton and, well...three days of walking around all day reeks havoc on a body, so having a few hours of lively conversation was a welcome change!


When we go off the highway, following the directions on our phones, we found ourselves in quite a

sketchy neighborhood.  We weren't real positive that we were going the right way, but then in the length

of a city block the street turned into a hipster gentrified commerce zone.


The Girlfriend and Dana are both educators...and if you've ever seen two teachers get together you

know what happens.  The work talk never ends!  It's OK though, I knew it would happen.  Dana's

Son-In-Law and I talked plenty of shop ourselves.  Getting the full lowdown on their graduation from

part time hobby sellers (like your's truly) to full time dealers was quite eye opening and inspirational.  I

won't be making any such jump any time soon but it's nice to be able to catalog that kind of information

from others who Have done so for future possible use.


And of course, it was just such a treat to be surrounded by such lovely treasures.  These two have

amazing taste...and, I've found (via many of the crazy stories shared) incredible luck.  As you probably

already know, the hunt is at least half the fun in getting these beautiful pieces, and getting to share those

stories is a big part of that.  We could have talked about all the near misses and lucky grabs all day long

but, of course they needed to get back to their lives and we needed to find a hotel for the night.


I just wanted to share the current iteration of Mid2Mod with those of you who don't live in the Dallas /

Fort Worth area.  They've changed locations a couple of times and probably will again, but that's what

happens when you grow.  The current joint is smaller that I thought it would be, having read about the

shop on Dana's blog;  Other than the Gus pieces though, I didn't recognize

many of the pieces that she's things must move pretty good.  You can see why, it's all

just so fantastic.


Too bad we had already filled Frank with flea market goodies.  Wouldn't I have loved to bring all this

home with me?  Yup.  Actually, I thought about bringing some stuff with me to sell to them, but never

got around to doing any dealing and didn't feel like doing all the work to make it happen. Maybe next



It's not like they need anything I've got cluttering up my joint, but I do enjoy some of the same items

they've got in the shop.  I've got a very similar (same base, different top) Eames / La Fonda Del Sol

side table here and out on our patio I've got the same Salterini "Orange Slice" chairs and settee as well. 

Looking around at their other offering in the shop...I'm feeling pretty good about my taste and that

I've been able to snatch these items up pretty cheaply at the same time!  I just wish I could do as

consistently as Dana's Son-In-Law!


  1. Thanks for such a great write-up about our visit. My SIL and I really enjoyed meeting you and The Girlfriend and getting to visit (and share stories). Congratulations on all the good loot you were able to snag in Canton. Now it's our turn to come shop in your area!

    1. A Mid2Mod visit to STL is definitely in order!

  2. If I ever have the opportunity to road trip to either St. Loius or Dallas/Ft. Worth areas I will definetely let you know in advance. It would be fun to meet my fellow MCM bloggers and see their places. If you plan a Tampa trip let me know and I'll make myself available!