Thursday, April 18, 2013

New In Box. Don't Ya Just Love That Phrase? These Lovely Libbey Seville Glasses Were Found Saturday At Treasure Aisle. Status: Not Cheap.


These were just pretty enough to pay retail for.  That means I'm keeping them.  But then, why wouldn't I?  A full set of 8 with all the original packaging.  Sweet find, if not a sweet deal.


Until I found them at the antique mall I had never seen the pattern before.  They had them displayed in

the open box when I first saw them.  I wasn't sold on them at first and walked around the rest of the

shop before I decided to buy 'em.  When I came back around to the booth they were all in the box and

the box was closed up.  That was weird.  I wonder if someone else was preparing to buy them and just

waited a moment too long.


The pattern leans a little toward the Christmas side but I'm still down with them.  They just reek of

Josh Agle's "Shag" style.  I think this year we will have to have a "proper" Christmas party and maybe

make Shag the theme! 

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  1. Would be insterested in ourchasing these to replace the ones I broke. (They were my wife's grandmother's.)