Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Is There Any Cheap Style To Be Had In The Capitol Of Iowa? Let's Peruse The Des Moines C-list And See If We Can't Find A Bargain Or Two. Status: Not My Turf.

 Greetings from Des Moines, Iowa - Large Letter Postcard

Des Moines Ia isn't too far from the fair city of St. Louis and looks like it's about the same size.  Surely we can find some cool stuff here.  Wanna take a look?  Click through and let's see what we find.


Leather and wood chairs - $100 (Urbandale, IA)

"Just as the title says. I have 2."

A seller of few words. I can respect that. What ya think about a pair of Westnofa Siesta chairs for 2 bills...or is it 2 chairs for $100? Dunno, but either way...it's a stupid bargain. Three to Five Hundred each on eBay.


Vintage molded plastic chair - $50 (Des Moines)

"Vintage molded plastic chiar circa 1960's excellent shape."

Again, not much to say. Must be an upper Midwest thing. This is a Douglass fiberglass chair, which (IMHO) is much more interesting than any old Herman Miller / Eames shell chair. I've actually got three of these out in the Garage that I'd love to find a fourth to go with.


Unique round couch - $100 (Central iowa)

"Super cute round couch. Great to curl up on and watch movies. It is alight pink cream ish color with a shell pattern. I like this fabric , but it could easily be re upholstered to anything that would suit your style. This has always reminded me if the I dream of Jeannie show. Looks great piled up with pillows, quite bohemian and eclectic."

Dunno. If the upholstery suits you and it can be salvaged, go for it!


Retro Furniture from the 60's (Indianola)

"One of a kind original furniture from the late 1960's. Still in great condition, as it has been stored in a non smoking home in the basement rec room. Purchase a piece of furniture from the past, you won't be disappointed. Selling couch, two orange chairs with ottoman, two end tables, one lamp, desk with chair and a really cool clock!
Clock with two matching candlestick holders that are not pictured 100
Desk 85 SOLD
2 orange chairs plus ottoman 175
sofa 200
small end table 40
large end table 65
lamp 50"

Yeah, that lamp is WAY cool! It might not be available as there is another lamp pictured in the ad, but it'd be worth finding out.


Metal art for wall hanging - $40 (Albia, IA)

"Three pieces of fine metal art, purchased from a restaurant/ bar/comedy club in Muscatine. Would be great as wall art for business or home. Very good condition. Main photo is closeup of small piece. Second photo has all three pieces shown. One large piece on the left and both smaller pieces to the right. Pried $40 for all three pieces."

Pretty cool looking art. I don't know...or really care if it's vintage. I'd have it. It's obscure enough that you're probably not gonna see it anywhere else.


Swivel Chair - $75 (West Des Moines)

"Gray swivel chair."

Don't these Iowans ever shut up? They sure are long winded, right? Anywayz, not vintage but classic vintage style none the less. I'd be happy to have one of these...you? You might even get it for a better price than $75 if you ask nice.


Adrian Pearsall style armchair - $120 (Ames, IA)

"Great chair with nice bones but needs some upholstery work (cleaning and possible reupholstery). Also needs a couple joints re-glued on the sculpted legs. Priced to sell, unrestored."

Couple of things here: It's not in Des Moines, but Ames. It needs LOTS of work. The ad is OLD. IF it's still available, it is NOT priced to sell. Make an offer but be respectful. This seller knows what they got and ain't gonna Give it away.


Duncan Phyfe DiningTable, Hutch and Sideboy - $800 (Fairfield, IA)

"Duncan Phyfe table (1900-1950), three leaves, 8 chairs, matching serving table and hutch (not Duncan Phyfe), two rocking chairs. All chairs and table recently reglued. Excellent condition on all items."

Yeah, there's some run of the mill Duncan Phyfe table and a couple of chairs or whatever but what WE are interested in here is the American Of Martinsville buffet and china cabinet. You might ask if you can buy those separate for...oh, I dunno...$300 - $350. That's a great price if you're gonna keep 'em and leaves room to flip if you ain't. Anybody know what kind of chairs those are in the ad (you'll have to click through to see 'em)? I thought at first McCobb, but it ain't so.


Daybed, retro - $300 (Des Moines)

"Retro daybed, black vinyl upholstery, with a chrome frame."

Hmmmm...this one is a bit tricky. The ad says "vinyl" and if that is the case...well, maybe offer $150 or something. But if they just don't realize this is real leather, buy it at asking and it's a good deal. Look underneath for a Knoll tag as this is either a Barcelona sofa / daybed or a knockoff there of. If you find one you've just struck gold.


Vintage Console Record Player - $50 (Des Moines)

"Record player with louvers. Radio works but turntable does not turn (could be fuse or short?). Asking $50/obo."

OBO? Oh c'mon, just give 'em the $50. I had one like this a while back. I love the way these look and sound. You can gut it and drop in your favorite surround sound reciever. Hook up the existing speakers to the mains and run wires out to your others. Drop your TV on top and you're golden!


  1. I love your 'not my turf' posts. Please consider the Baltimore/DC region one day? Heck, you could even throw in Delaware and parts of PA for extra fun! ;)

  2. I was just in Des Moines over the weekend for a family thing -- in the suburbs pretty close to Urbandale too. Man, I would have taken those wood and leather chairs in a heartbeat! We may have had to leave some of the family behind to fit the chairs back in the car though . . . .coulda been worth it. Cheers - CT

  3. The armless dining chairs are a klismos style and could be from any number of American or European manufacturers as the ancient Greek form was quite popular. You'd have to look closely at the details and the wood if they aren't marked.

  4. Thanks. Those Westnofa Siesta Chairs are now mine. I couldn't believe that ad had been up for over a week.

    1. Congrats on the snag! If I was in the neighborhood they would have been mine before you saw it here!