Thursday, April 4, 2013

On Our Way Home From Texas We Found Exactly ONE Antique Mall That Was Open...On Easter Sunday. At Least It Was A Good One! Status: Fabric Scores!


Ohhhh...that was a long drive home through Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri with only gas stations and restaurants open.  And SO many antique malls and shops...torture!  Only one kinda small shop was open, but then really, that was enough.


Truth be told, this didn't come from the antique mall.  The Girlfriend found this at the Canton flea market,

but I forgot to include it in the posting a few days ago about the smalls.  Check it out!  Now we got

THREE of 'em!  It truly qualifies as a collection.  Plus, this new one more closely matches the yellow

and turquoise bathroom
, so I'll probably let go of the white and blue speckled one now.


All I picked up at the antique mall in Oklahoma on Sunday was a couple pieces of fabric.  This

upholstery fabric was a bit pricey, but it is 5 yards.  This pattern was way too cool not to pick up.

Now the problem is deciding what to use it on!  I tend to get protective of opportunity this good so

it may be a while before I use it.  I doubt I'll find more any time soon.


This pair of barkcloth panels though small were surprisingly cheap.  I'm hoping to make these into

throw pillows.  The fabric is too thin for upholstery so it's pillows or curtains.  There were lots of other

cool things at the little antique mall but I was just about spent and we had to get home.  I left behind

lots of Ben Seibel, Russel Wright, a pretty cool arc lamp that needed some cleanup...all sorts of good

stuff!   Next time.

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  1. We never hesitate to pick up cool vintage or even newer but great looking vintage/atomic patterned fabric if it's a deal. I think we have about 8 plastic bins full and it always comes in handy for those recovery jobs! Sounds like you had a great time!