Sunday, April 14, 2013

This Again? I Found A Trio Of Lee Reynolds Paintings Today At The Goodwill...And Left Them Behind. They Just Weren't My Style. Almost But No Cigar. Status: So Miami Vice!


Yup, I spotted three more mass produced Lee Reynolds paintings at the thrift store this afternoon.  They were all in fantastic condition and are probably still available if anyone is interested.  Also, they were also all true painting, probably acrylic, and not prints.  But alas, they just weren't of any subject matter or style that grabbed me.


This one is kinda quirky in that it has that split down the center where the colors switch.  This one was

$40.  I could never pull this one off.  It'd stick out like a sore thumb in our joint.  These are big paintings

too, like 36" X 48".


As florals go, this one is at least a little closer to my style.  I at least gave this one some more serious

thought about buying.  It was $45.  I guess that's not too bad for a real painting of this size.  It was

slightly smaller than the first painting.  Note that the two "signatures" look very similar.  The next "Lee

Reynolds" sports a very different version.


Not only is that a very different "signature", but the style of the painting - if not the color pallet - is

very different.  Again, not my style and left behind.  I poked around eBay before totally dismissing

the option of snatching these up to find my suspicions validated.  Nothing that looked like these was

bringing much action.  Some of the pieces did bring some bidding and made some money though.

But nothing more than a couple hundred bucks.  I'll wait until I find something a little more my style,

like the Van Gaard I sold for a friend a while back.

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  1. I have a Lee Reynolds of Fisherman's Wharf in San Fran - it is quite large but I love it. These are way to 80's for my taste, too.