Saturday, August 23, 2014

This Is It. The Last Of The Haul From The Highway 127 Worlds Longest Flea Market / Yard Sale. Just Two More Pieces And You'll Not Hear About Hwy 127 From Me Again For Years! Promise! Status: All Done.


Even though...or perhaps because...this stuff was so hard to find, hunting for and through the myriad of pop flea markets and yard sales was great fun.  I wish I had taken more photos of the places we stopped and the stuff we saw, but alas...I'm in either photographer mode or buyer mode...and apparently, never the twain shall meet.


This Glassbake Starburst pattern (unmarked) casserole dish was pretty close to the last buy on

Saturday.  It feels so great when you're doing the "pan and scan" all through the vendors and out of

the corner of your eye you catch a glimpse of something good.  Now, of course, I realize this isn't

some super rare mega score...but I love me some Starburst pattern Glassbake!  I've already tagged

this particular dish up and dropped it in the booth at Creve Coeur.


I've already got a Presto Automatic Fondu just like this that we use all the time.  I LOVE Little

Smokies warmed in a bath of Open Pit bar-b-que sauce.  This is perfect for just such snacking / party

fare.  Only problem with this particular unit is it's missing it's power cord.  I know...What The What? 

It's got all the packaging, even the plastic bag that it all came it...but no power cord.  Weird!  Soon as

I find a suitable power cord for this, it'll be available as well.  It's such a classically mod piece that

I'm sure it'll be snatched up quick.

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