Thursday, August 14, 2014

More Loot From The Worlds Longest Flea Market: The 127 Corridor Yard Sale. This Russel Wright Pitcher And Vari-point Lead Sharpener Are Just Two More Of The Stash Of Smalls I Nabbed. Status: Soon To Be Tagged.


I was REALLY hoping that I was going to be pulling into the driveway here at home on Sunday with a Focus wagon FILLED with awesome chairs, tables, lighting and such...but it just wasn't meant to be. Instead I'm having to be happy with a decent haul of smalls. I'm not disappointed but just a little underwhelmed. Still, compared to an average haul from the local fleas I did quite well!


My hopes were so high that I actually thought about taking the passenger seat out of Frank

to make more hauling room available. Of course this was before the Girlfriend found that

she was able to come along for the ride. I was still careful to pack light and take very little

more than absolutely necessary...and asked her to do the same. It was entirely

unnecessary as it turned out. There was only one Really large item that I was smitten with

and I'm having a little Balkers Remorse about being too frugal to step up to the plate and

just buy it. It was a dashing polished aluminum airplane wing with a tag asking $700 on it.

No, it wasn't a Restoration Hardware desk. It was much more custom than that. Most

likely a one off. I convinced myself not to buy it by finding similar new desks online for

about the same price. I should have haggled.


Anyway, enough lamenting my being cheap. What I DID manage to score is a bunch of

small items. This pair set me back so little it's slightly embarrassing. I think I paid just a

couple of bucks for the lead sharpener and I know I didn't pay the "sticker" on that Russel

Wright pitcher! You may recall seeing another lead sharpener exactly like this one here

before. Actually, if you've been to my booth in the Antique Mall of Creve Coeur you may

have seen it in person! Well, now I have a second one to offer up down at The Green Shag

Market.  These are essentially paper weights since design and drafting on paper with a

mechanical pencil has gone by way of the Dodo bird, but I like the idea of having relics like

this around. The Russel Wright pitcher was part of a bundle that I got Still for less than that

little sticker on the bottom would suggest. Sunday was a great day for bargains, just not

much to bargain for. This Coral colored pitcher got bundled with an interesting tension pole

planter that will require a bit of love to make presentable and that the seller was Overly

eager to be rid of.   So much so that they gave me a hefty discount on the pitcher to have

them both gone.


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