Saturday, August 9, 2014

Mr M Bloggin' From The Road! We're Doin' The 127 Corridor World's Longest Flea Market This Weekend. Just Starting Day Two. Status: Roadtrip.


Weather has not been cooperative this weekend as the rain found in St. Louis on Thursday followed us all the way here. We finally got out from under it yesterday for the most part, but it's back this morning.


The 127 Corridor World's Longest Flea Market has been on my bucket list for years. This

weekend was the first time that the stars lined up close enough so that I was able to get out

here and check it out for myself. I would have liked to get out here earlier in the week but

work prohibits such dreams. At least I got Friday off and I left Friday morning (3:30am)

just after getting done with work. A picker's gotta do what a picker's gotta do!


If you look real close you can just see a film crew for Flea Market Flip in the edge of one or

two of these photos. Even to be in the background of that show would knock another listing

off that bucket list, right!? We didn't get very far Friday, maybe 40-50 miles. It seems like

your moving a lot but with a yard sale or pop up flea market every mile or four you end up

stopping quite often. I haven't been finding much but the hunting is a big part of the fun

anyway. More reporting from the road to follow. Hope you're having an epic weekend as


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