Saturday, August 16, 2014

127 This...127 That. Get Used To It! I Picked Up Plenty From The 127 Corridor Worlds Longest Yard Sale. Lots Of Smalls. Hey Look, Here's A Couple Now! Status: Tagged And In Booth 307.


Again, this is just a handful of the small items I picked up along highway 127 last weekend.  'Memba that I told ya that Sunday was a good day to get some sweet deals?  These were all late Saturday finds that I picked up from a guy who had pretty much thrown in the towel and was asking only ONE BUCK for anything he had.  How could I resist THAT!?


Ha!  Figured it out.  Nichibei Potteries!  It's called an 8 inch Flat Bowl and costs $45 each new.  I just

dropped of TWO of these in my booth (307) at The Antique Mall Of Creve Coeur at a MUCH lower

price.  Having Just Now learned what these are, I'll be in there changing that tag soon...but I wouldn't

be to awful mad if I found them missing when I get there.  I can't hardly believe I made out that name

on the bottom: Costantini.


Much easier to ID.  This Centura Corning bowl has an amazing Lotus pattern in blue and black. 

Unfortunately there is a little rust stain on the outside near the bottom.  Maybe with a little work and

some CLR it might come off.  Such a shame because the inside is nearly flawless.  Just look at that

reflection.  Doesn't it kinda remind you of a Spirograph pattern you made when you were a kid? 

What?  You don't remember Spirograph?


Ah, finally...true vintage!  This lovely bakelite and steel art deco style 1950s View Master projector

still works after So many years.  I'm a sucker for Bakelite...and vintage toys!  I guess I should find a

few View Master reels to offer up with this,  but for now it's sitting in the booth as is waiting for it's

new owner to pick it up.

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