Monday, August 25, 2014

Did I Say I Was Done With The 127 Corridor Sale? Sorry! I Almost Forgot About These Great Classroom Retractable North And South America Maps. OK, Now I'm Pretty Sure This Is It. Status: Available.


Remember these!  Do schools even use these retractable maps anymore?  I see these in a lot of posts on Apartment Therapy.  They make great art pieces and are just so bright and colorful, they'd look especially great in a stylish child's room or a nursery.


Yeah, these were rolled up and stuck in a can with a bunch of mop or rake handles in a pretty sizable

booth in one of the largest pop up flea markets along highway 127 that we found.  It was late in the

day but this flea was the best one we hit.  It's where I got the cool live edge coffee table with steel

legs AND the Russel Wright lawn chair.  I just wish we had stumbled across more of this type of pop

up fleas!


Both of these maps are in great condition.  They aren't particularly old...maybe 20 years...but they've

got that old school look to them that goes so well with the Industrial Modern aesthetic.  I was quite

surprised to find these in great condition.  It was like opening up a Christmas present, pulling these

open in that booth.  The fact that it was late on Saturday and that it had been raining off and on made

the seller quite amiable to an offer so I got these at a reasonable price.  Not cheap mind you.  Even

though they had them unceremoniously stashed with a bunch of broom handles, the seller knew their

worth.  I've got them displayed the best I can at The Antique Mall of Creve Coeur now if you're

interested and want to check them out.

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  1. Those are a great find, MMT! Obviously, a “B.C.” or “before computers” era map, they’re a classroom classic indeed! You should move these with no problem.- midmichigan