Thursday, August 14, 2014

Farm Fresh! Right Out Of The Flea Market Field. This Was The Third Russel Wright Samson Lawn Chair We Spotted Along The 127 Corridor Flea But The First With A Reasonable Price Tag. Status: Had.


I don't normally involve myself with items that might be considered "rough", but I'm trying to expand my horizons!  My inclination is to strip this and repaint it....actually, it WAS to leave it behind, even though I can see the potential leaving it as is.


It's hard for me to buy these vintage items what look so rough.  I'd like to believe that I would restore

something like this otherwise fetching lawn chair, but I know how much work (or money) I'm

probably going to put into it, and it ain't much!  Understanding that there is a value in a rough finish

is hard for me to get my head around.  A vendor at The Green Shag put it: "F*cked Up Just Enough

To Look Good".  I've been trying to keep that in mind and train my eye.


The finish is scraped and bruised but the construction is still solid.  The steel these chairs are made of

has a good thickness and won't soon be wore out.  That surface rust is just for looks.  It'd take a long

long time for that to do much damage.  The design is as much classic as it is ergonomic.  Russel

Wright did his homework.  These folding armchairs are supremely comfortable, and while not exactly

light weight, they don't take up much room when folded.


So I'm going to try making this available as found (well, I did hose it off and hit it with a scrub brush)

in my booth at The Green Shag Market.  Think of it as, Diversification!  It's still Vintage Modern,

from one of the fathers of Vintage Modern no less, but just a tangent from my norm.  Like the

American Picker guys say, Rusty Gold.

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