Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lacking A Lot Of Vintage Modern Larger Items I Had To Look For More Interesting Items As An Alternative. This Live Edge Coffee Table Was One of Those Great Finds. The Little Bulova Clock...Bonus! Status: Flea Booty.


This coffee table is the largest and most expensive item I managed to pick up over the weekend.  I managed to bundle (thanks American Picker Frank Fritz) it with another item to get the price right.  I feel like I should have brought more home, but this is just the start.


At first I thought that this was one big piece of wood but realized when I put it in the car that it was

tow pieces glued together.  I don't know what kind of wood it is either.  It's smooth, but not finished...

like driftwood.  I know one thing for sure about it, it's heavy!  I should have carted this back to the

car but had failed to take the little dolly cart I had created by lashing one of the green tubs to a new

heavy duty folding dolly I had picked up from the Goodwill just days before the road trip.


So the legs aren't really "hairpin" or "legs".  The seller told me that they were actually off a wall at a

factory to hang workers hats!  Only thing I would have done different is to cant them all toward the

center of the table so as apposed to having them all parallel like you see now.  I might actually take

these off to use on another project and put some slightly taller legs on this to make it a more proper

coffee table height.  I think the wood maybe should get a good paste waxing too.  What do you think?


We found this amazing Bulova "Pod" clock at one of the indoor fleas set up along 127.  Lucky we

found it when we did as this was during one of the actual downpours that we didn't manage to miss. 

One thing we found out on this trip is that Sunday is NOT the day to find good stuff, but it might be

the day to do your best bargain hunting.  Those who Do stick it out until Sunday are really ready to

get it off loaded so that they don't have to pack it back up.  It's hard to tell who's going to pack it in on

Saturday so you don't have as much leverage.  I would have loved spending the better part of the

week previous scouring up and down the 127 Corridor looking for good junk but had to suffice with

just the three days I managed.  My advice, if you get a chance to go next year, is to do a little research

and find where the big mass vendor sales are going to be set up and spend as much time in those and

as little time between as possible.  You might find some good stuff at the little yard sales in between

but you'll lose so much time checking them out.  Slow to pan and scan them and only stop if you see

something good!


  1. Mr. Modtomic, it looks like your table top is made from spalted (the black lines which are caused by fungus) basswood or possibly maple. I've had some basswood carving blocks that looked identical to your table top. To really be sure you'd have to look closely at the grain, roughly estimate its relative density (basswood is one of the least dense woods native to North America and is less dense than maple) and, failing those, check its aroma. It may sound a bit kooky but the aroma of fresh cut wood/sawdust is often distinctive. Between all of those it shouldn't be hard to nail down - but until proven otherwise, I'll stick with my ID of basswood.

    1. Hi Klaus.

      Thanks! It IS Basswood. Yes, there is that distinctive aroma and it feels slightly fuzzy and soft, like microfiber or something.

    2. Glad to help out. Happy picking.