Monday, August 18, 2014

These Beautiful Blue Art Glass Pieces Were The VERY First Purchase On Our Highway 127 WLFM Weekend Adventure. I Was So Afraid They Wouldn't Survive The Entire Trip, But They Made It! Status: Available In Booth 307.


I actually hesitated when I spotted this lovely pair of...uh, what exactly are these called? Vases? Chalices? I don't know. I can't seem to find the right term for them in my brain at the moment. Anybody? At any rate, finding good stuff right away felt like a good sign. I guess I should have taken it as a sign that I'd find mostly good Smalls!


I would like to be able to say this trip paid for itself and then some, but it just ain't so. Not even close.

The vein just wasn't rich enough. Two nights hotel stay and about 1200 miles gas? Not a chance. But,

I ain't complaining. We had a great time. I love flea markets and this was mile after mile of stumbling

upon them. I believe it was less than a mile after getting On 127 when we found these. After that it

was stop and go for hours. Ahhh, the joy of discovery! And for real, I left plenty behind that I might

have otherwise brought home.


The great thing about the 127 Corridor World's Longest Flea Market is that if you live anywhere near

being at or east of the Mississippi, there's a section of the sale a day trip away from you. I remember

watching a PBS program maybe 10 or 12 years ago about a couple of guys picking through the sales

for their antique shop back in New York City and finding all kinds of good stuff including Murano

Glass and such. I was Very impressed and that, along with my mother's adventures along the Corridor

Sale sealed the deal for Mr. M. It was on my bucket list. And so it has come to pass. I'd love to do it

again, but I know it'll be years before I have another chance. Next time will be hard core though,

believe that!


  1. They're called brandy snifters...even though they're much larger than the ones you really use for brandy. They were popular at about the same time as lavabo wall planters. I know, because my dad's mother worked for a florist, and she made sure we had both. :)

    1. Hi Dana.

      Thanks! I knew it would be something obvious and I'd look like a dummy.