Monday, August 4, 2014

Camels. A Regal Beast? Maybe Not, But They Are Representative Of A Certain Eastern Spirit And Nature. As Art They Perhaps Evoke A Somewhat Bohemian Feeling. Status: Available.


A few weekends back, after about a month and a half of dry pickings, we dropped by a little antique mall in the heart of Florissant.  This wall art Camel set wasn't all I found there but the Girlfriend Really liked them and they were in a booth having a good sale.  How could I resist?


You've no doubt seen plenty of brass and walnut geese from probably the same company that made

these, right?  I've even got a pair of sword fish of the like swimming around here somewhere that I

need to tag up.  This is the first time I've ever seen a pair of Camels.  And it seems that walnut and

brass are the perfect medium to depict the beasts of burden.


This pair, along with a number of other smalls and a few chairs, were delivered to the Green Shag

Market this afternoon.  I finally came to my senses and pulled out the Gus Modern sofa and chair to

keep for our own living room.  It was time for something posh, and the Gus Modern living room set

is about as posh a set as I've come across so far.  So since I needed to fill the space left by the pulled

sofa (I'd already filled the space left by pulling the chair earlier with a lovely Woodard patio set), I

thought I should go ahead and bring a few smalls too and these camels were part of that lot.

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