Monday, August 18, 2014

Nope, I'm Not Done With The Good Stuff From The 127 Corridor WLYS...But I Am Taking A Quick Break. I Picked Up This Fantastic Set Of Stainless Steel And Leather Chairs Over The Weekend And Have Already Tagged Them Up And Dropped Them Off At CCAM. Status: Available.


Yesterday was quite a busy day.  Not necessarily work busy...but once we got going it was fairly non stop.  After a brunch at the Girlfriend's Mom's we had to hustle to get over to the Creve Coeur Antique Mall to pull these out, clean them up, photograph them, tag 'em up and find some room for them in the booth.  Then we had to tool home to grab up some lawn chairs to sit in at the Drive In.  Phwew!


Good looking set of chairs, right?!  You might remember a set of these from the Ivey Selkirk

Modernism auction I attended
a while back.  Sadly, Ivey Selkirk had some financial issues and are

not currently doing business
, but at one time they were the premier place to get to see and perhaps

buy some of the area's finest Vintage Modern.  I really wanted to buy those chairs at the time but they

must have busted my limit since I didn't bring 'em home.  Well, seems like if you stick to your guns

and have enough patience these things will come to you eventually.


I've never been able to associate a designer or manufacturer with these chairs although at least one

1stDibs seller thought they were "after Paul Tuttle".  I can kinda see where they were going with that,

but no.  Not Paul Tuttle IMHO, more of a contemporary take on the Wegner folding chairs but no,

they don't fold.  Also, theirs were listed as being from the '70s where as this pair still have the

assembly stickers on them (part B, part C) and the Made In China tag as well.  But even so, these are

seriously substantial chairs.  They are VERY heavy!  That leather is doubled up and very thick.

Made in China or no, these are going to be around a LONG time!  Well, they'll be around a long time

but probably not in the booth.  Seems like anything contemporary and relatively new gets snatched up

pretty quick from 307.  Oh, and the Drive In...  It rained, but we're tough and stuck it out for the

whole double feature of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Into The Storm.  You might think

watching Into The Storm would be kinda cool watching through the rain, well I did...but it wasn't. 

I've been lobbying for this film (except as a Twister follow up) for a while.  You might even

remember a tweet I put out there a while ago asking for such!  I'll have to see it again to give it a

proper review, but TMNT was just what I expected...not much, but it was OK.  I'm just not even a

casual fan even though I kinda grew up with them on Saturday morning cartoons.

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  1. Those are some seriously beautiful chairs. Their awesome lines are even better appreciated when you put them face to face, as you did in some of the photos. Those will be gone in a heartbeat. Great score!