Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I Kinda Wish I Had A Poster Size Print Of This Photo To Hang Behind Our Bar At Home. It Pretty Much Says It All, Doesn't It? "Joe's Welcome Wagon", Nice! Status: Not My Booth.


Only issue with Joe's setup is, well...a janitorial trolly?  Really Joe?  That's the best you could come up with?  You've got all that great liqueur there and gussy up your self, but the cart?  Neah, let that be.


How cool is this vignette?  Of course, "Cool" is dependent on your association with Retro because

this set up is ALL about the Retro!  That Boomerang multi-level coffee table is right out of Retro -

101.  Ubiquitous yet hard to find...strange, that.  I've got a trio of those yellow barstools, except in

orange...and needing the frames to be painted and re-assembled.  These are beautiful and ready to go



The bar itself is perhaps a little iffy in style, but it does have a built in Hi Fi stereo so the party is

definitely on!  Those matching table lamps are the bomb.  You've got to love those lamp shades...and

those frosted glass Collins glasses.  Oh hey!  There's that framed photo too!


Your guests will need somewhere to rest their bums too...or pass out drunk, depending on your guests

and how late it is.  This matching sofa (is it a pull out bed?) and chair are certainly cool and have just

enough age and wear that you won't be freaking out if your rude guests spill a little of their Mai Tai

on it.  The fan,'ll need it.  Too many warm bodies with too much alcohol and things are

gonna get warm.  Keeping it mixed up with a fan that blows in every direction is a great idea!  All of

this is available in the front room at The Green Shag Market

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  1. Very cool stuff. The Hamilton ashtray is a MCM classic. From the booze to the pail and plastic containers on the lower level, I think that “Joe’s Welcome Wagon” is ready for all phases of “welcoming”. -midmichigan