Monday, August 13, 2012

For The Last Three Weekends We've Been Trying To Get An Opportunity To Sift Through The Wentzville Flea. Status: Finally!


Two weeks ago it looked like it would be a perfect weekend to hit the Wentzville Flea Market.  I awoke to my alarm and a thunder shower pummeling the flea market.  Denied.  Last weekend, illness. Denied.  This weekend - we finally made it!  And found almost nothing, just a few smalls for the Booth Space (44 @ The Green Shag Market).  ::Sigh::

...But this posting ain't about those smalls.  It's about this beautiful Thayer Coggin recliner designed

by Milo Baughman!  I spotted this on craigslist just before hitting the hay last night.  It had been

posted much earlier in the day and was dead cheap, but was just listed as a "Recliner".  I sent an

e-mail just in case it hadn't been snatched up by another vigilant picker.


While I wasn't able to make a big score at the Wentzville Flea we still had a good time.  We

hooked up and hung out with Nick Armadillo and his Girlfriend who DID manage to score a

pretty cool find, but I'll let Nick show that off on his blog and not spoil the anticipation!  We also

ran into my buddies Ray (who bought a danish style lounge chair from me and restored the heck

out of it!) and Dustin (who I did some horse trading with a while back and also sold a few bits

of Franciscan Starburst).  All super cool folk, every one of 'em!


Aside from running into all the good folks (we were all there before 7am - we're all a little nuts) it

turns out that the person selling this Milo Baughman recliner was located only about 7 or 8 miles

from Wentzville!  That was great since Wentzville is like 45 minutes from the Modtomic Ranch

here.  Nice when things work out like that!  The seller e-mailed AND called me while we were

poking around the flea.  Seems like they really wanted Mr. Modtomic to take it home!  Mr.

Modtomic was happy to oblige!


Obviously this particular unit has been re-upholstered. It's tarted up in a pretty cool print on

velour. I wouldn't have gone with velour...but it's soft and comfy and I really do like the

contemporary print. I think it really works.  The wood needed some help and I did a little clean

up on it and rubbed it down with some Howard's Walnut Restore-A-Finish to even out the

tones and add back some of the original richness and beauty.


The Howard's did an admirable job but it's not a can of magic.  There are some bumps and

bruises on the legs that are always going to be there.  Looks like someone was careless with a

vacuum around it.  Still, unless you get right down there beside the legs this Baughman recliner

looks pretty darn nice.  And it is SOLID too.  The joints are all tight and the seat is firm.  This

has been taken good care of - less the vacuum bumps.


I'm still partial to the Milo Baughman recliner I picked up at the Gypsy Caravan earlier this year,

so this one (my THIRD!) is going to be available.  If you are in the market for a fine vintage

modern Thayer Coggin easy chair to brighten up your joint and can "feel" the velour upholstery

on this baby, you might wanna let me know.  Almost as soon as I posted about the second

Baughman recliner I received inquiries about letting go of either it or the first one!  He who

hesitates...and all that!


  1. Nice find! The pattern doen't look too bad on this but if I was going to keep for myself, I would look into having it recovered. Not a big fan of velour!

  2. I know this is very off topic but i know Modtomic is a big overman chair fan so i figured this would be a decent place to hope for a decent answer. I bought this at an estate sale and sadly don't have the room for it. I love it and its difficult for me to part with though, so i think i've priced it quite high lol. Just wanted to know if i've priced it WAY too high that its ridiculous though lol? Any help is appreciated! Here's the link I just put it up are kinda crappy, but the chair is really in near perfect shape....any thoughts?

    1. Personally I don't think this is over priced. Too high for me to acquire and make anything on, but very reasonable end user price. I doubt you'll have it long!

  3. Man, those Baughman recliners are ridiculously slick! I'd like one in a moss green or atomic print as well.

    Perhaps we should head to Wentzville earlier next time. I know. Sounds awful, right? Maybe we'll hit the mother load though.

    Thanks again for holding on to my little find. I'll be over to pick it up (and blog about it) ASAP.