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Saturday, August 11, 2012

More Of The Girlfriends Awesome Obsession. Not Just Salt And Pepper Shakers, But Salt And Pepper Sets! Status: Collected.


These two sets of Salt and Pepper Shakers represent quite nicely the disparate styles that the Girlfriend collects.  It's impossible to put a pin in what exactly she will or will not buy but there are a few details that are considerable "no-no's".  No little animals.  No "places".  No "antique style's".  But really, otherwise it's pretty wide open...and distinct.  I know...weird.


Walnut and Stainless.  Classic.  Made in Denmark.  Nice.  Maybe not real old since the the

"corks" aren't cork.  So clean that there's not even an "S" or "P" on these.  You just gotta

remember that the salt has the single hole up top and the pepper's got the three.  Drag these

out for your next dinner party and your guests will KNOW you're serious about your mid-

twentieth century ephemera collecting!


This little "Gong" set is not only unusual but unusual for the Girlfriends collection. She doesn't

usually go for "miniatures" like this. I guess this isn't SO representative of a larger object though.

It's just impressionistic enough to fit. Oh sure...I guess you could take it all literally and bang

away on that little gong like a dinner bell but, who'd do that?! I'm guessing this set was aimed

at the buyer who had a black lacquered dining room set in a vintage Chinese style.

1 comment:

  1. Those are fab. I'd love to see a pic of the whole collection! Love your blog, BTW...I just found it the other day and promptly joined your "followers" :-)