Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I'm Back...I'm Back....Sorry...A Bout Of Food Poisoning Decided To Prove That Mr. Modtomic Is, In Fact, Only Human. Made My Body Feel Like The Rope Seat On This Danish Style Rocker. Status: Slightly Ravaged


Yeah, Saturday morning found Mr. Modtomic worshiping the porcelain alter...and I've been recovering ever since. I've only been up and out of the house today...and that was only to get these photos and get a bite to eat. Mr. Modtomic's *ss was kicked indeed.

I'm still not 100 over 100, but I'm feeling much better. This "Slavic-Modern" danish style rocking

chair pretty much represents about how I'm feeling now. Just a little ganked.


And there's the "Made In Yugoslavia" mark! I suspect the large part of all the Danish style

furniture here in America is Slavic-Modern. This is the second one of these rocking chairs that

I've come into possession of. The first was black and I passed it to a friend in New Orleans. This

one was found on craigslist while in New York state on vacation. That's right...even on vacation.


I got it cheap because of the rope damage and I'm hoping to be able to repair the roping by re-

twisting it and glueing it back together. I'm obviously not going to be looking for top dollar on this

but it beats letting it go to a landfill. If the next owner wants to do a more "proper" repair latter...

bully for them!


So, I'm back on the horse and hopefully we won't have to many more weekends like the last.

Sorry if you've been checking in but I really was flat on my back for three days and just kinda up

and around today. In sorta unrelated news, I've been selling like gangbusters at the Green Shag

Market and I want to thank everybody who has been going in there to check out mine and

everybody else' booths. It's gonna feel pretty good to get a decent check for the month!


  1. Glad the booth is doing well and your feeling better. Think that may be the first time I've seen you not post at least once in 24 hours since I found your blog. Thought a truck may have hit you :) Glad I was!

  2. Glad you are back on your feet. I wondered what was up because I hadn't seen any recent posts and I enjoy viewing them. Glad to hear that your booth is doing well.

  3. The Girlfriend says:

    In ten years, Mr.Mod has never been sicker! I almost called an ambulance when he said he wasn't getting out of bed to do a post. :)

  4. We worry because we care; you've become like family (of course it's a family that hoards mid century stuff but still a family)! Glad you are back up and around!

  5. i think mr mod needs a good laugh
    go to you tube and search for Real Actors Read Yelp™ #2
    i was rolling on the floor.

  6. Had a couple like that over my lifetime. UGH! A missed blog post is the least of one's worries...Glad you're better!

  7. I was preparing the check St. Louis hospital records to make sure a Modtomic hadn't been admitted. Glad you're on the mend.

  8. How much are you asking for it? Please don't twist and glue the cord, it will make it a nightmare for someone trying to do a proper restoration!