Thursday, August 23, 2012

Separating The Wheat From The Chaff. Sometimes You Gotta Take The Good With The Bad. Status: Mixed Bag.


After a fun but lack-luster outing at the Belleville Flea last Saturday we jetted over to a new(ish) thrift just across the street. I've already fallen for the place and have purchased something there every time I've stopped...and left behind a great console stereo that I really should bring home. This time the big score for the weekend was a big box of Russel Wright Steubenville American Modern dinnerware in Coral.

At first glance there seems to be a ton in there right? But right away I started noticing the chipped

pieces. I wasn't in the mood to stand there and catalog each and every chipped piece and do the

math so instead I concentrated on the good bits. The math looked good so the set was mine.


All seven of the dinner plates and eight of the lunch plates were perfect. I don't mean "chip free",

I mean PERFECT. I've never seen nicer plates. Mint, if you will. These alone were worth the cost

of admission! Not a utensil mark on 'em. Sweet.


Here's where we start getting into trouble. There are chips and cracks on pieces in each one of

these stacks. Like I said, I didn't know how many or of what...until I shot these pics about an hour

ago. I still figured I'd come out ahead. And it's nice to have some new color in my collection. The

last time I picked up a large set was actually AT the Belleville Flea and they were all Chartreuse.


These are all cracked or one more saucer that I missed before shooting this photo.

That leaves me with 43 out of 54 pieces in excellent condition. It's weird. The pieces are either

chipped and cracked or absolutely perfect! I don't think this set ever got used, just maybe banged

up while moving or something.


So this is what I am left with. Not to shabby. I mean, this would be a great collection by itself...

even if I had no other Russel Wright Steubenville already. I'm not a BIG fan of having a mono-

chromatic set but if I was then at least this DOES have some nice color to it. Not like that Grey

set I passed on at an estate sale not too long ago. And this was Much cheaper!


Oh hey, look who decided to join us! Larry / McDuff! He loves the Eames style lounger and

ottoman. Doesn't seem to impressed with the Russel Wright though. What ev. He's got the brain

of a cat.  Don't you just love how he's planted on the ottoman but still has to have at least ONE

paw on the chair?  "Mine!"


  1. Hi Chris,
    Nice score on the Wright dishes. If you have several colors of the same style you could try blending colors when you set the table and see how it looks. Love your blog and all the finds you make, you must never stop moving!!

    AtomicHipster aka John

    1. Hi John.

      Actually, we never use any of the collectible stuff. I hate doing dishes so I mostly try to use paper plates. I do keep 'a hustlin' though. Craigslist plus smart phone!

  2. That coffee table is gorgeous! I think you may have featured it a while back but seeing it in situ makes me jealous of your mad thrifting/picking/finding skills! Alas, I have neither devoted the time nor energy that you have to finding all these great things so . . . .sigh. With hard work comes great rewards. Enjoy! CT

    1. Hi CT.

      Usually the joint ain't cleaned up enough to shoot in here but this was magically all fussiest up when I got home.

  3. Nice set of dishes. Love the kitty! What is the make of the glass table? I have it as well as two end tables.

    1. Hi Jay.

      I think we've come to the conclusion that it is an Adrian Pearsall Craft Associates coffee table, though I've yet to see another just like it. Send me some pics of your set

  4. Those are beautiful dishes! Even without the damaged ones is still a nice big pile :-)
    Your cat comment is classic, haha..."mine"
    My cat always does that! They think they own everything!

    P.S. I'm a new follower of your blog and I'm really enjoying seeing all your great finds...vicarious shopping is pretty great!


    1. Hi Dina.

      Welcome! I checked out your blog. Nice! Re: cats - They ain't got No manners!