Saturday, August 4, 2012

Neon Sign Lovin' In Upstate New York. Mr. Modtomic And The Girlfriend Didn't Get A Chance To Partake Of The Dandee Cream But I Shot The Heck Out Of That Neon! Status: Beautiful Glow.


If you look at the website and click through to the New York state maps you'll see that this place - the Martha's Dandee Cream - is right next to a Six Flags amusement park and also very near the Glen Drive In theater. Oh...and there's that whole Lake George thing too. Nice should check it out!


Don't that just take you back? Mr. Modtomic isn't a fossil or nuthin' but he's old enough to

remember hanging out late evenings at the local small town Dairy Queen when he was a teenager.

 Ah, summer vacation from school. If I didn't work evenings and wake up at the crack of noon

every day, I'd probably miss it!


Even the big tough bikers can't resist! We have a couple of places like this here in St. Louis and

one day I'll make it a priority to get some shots and do a proper posting on those. Heck, right

down the street from me is Iggy's Frozen Yogurt...but it ain't got no big glowing neon sign like

these. They are just so costly to maintain.


As you can see Martha's ain't hurtin' for business. They even offer some nice seating along the

side but...the Mosquitoes were crazy bad. That's probably why there aren't a lot of folks utilizing

the picnic area. Get it and go! See the tall structure in the background? Looks like two radio

towers side by side...that's one of the Six Flags amusement park rides! I get the feeling that a trip

to Martha's for some Dandee Cream is a lot cheaper though.


  1. Love all the neon! I have so much fun shooting it too!!!

  2. Ooh! Good catch with the neon cone - I think I was so blindsided by the chicken I couldn't shoot anything else! The ice cream was good, better than most soft serve and they had a buncha flavors, too!

  3. thanks for the neon info love your blog thanks again

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