Friday, August 17, 2012

Last Year The Girlfriend Needed A Desk Lamp For Work. Done. This Year She Needs A Smaller Desk Lamp. Working On it. I Guess This Guy Is Headed For The Booth! Status: Brilliant!


I'm not sure why she needs a smaller lamp than this but I don't make the rules...heck, I don't even enforce the rules...I just follow 'em.  So somehow this has already made it's way back home even though I have not yet supplied a replacement.  Hmmm...did she buy one herself?  Dunno.


This little (relatively...though I guess not little enough?) guy is pure classic style.  I do wish it were

a more sexy color, though I don't know which.  White would look great...hammered silver too. 

But brown does the job and keeps the lamp humble.  I mean, it is just a lamp.  A cool lamp.


It's so nice to pick up a lamp from the thrift store that not only works but comes with a working

bulb...that has lasted a work!  Although I can't be sure that the Girlfriend hasn't replaced

it to be fair.  Mobilite? 


I guess that means you can take it with you?  It has made it to the thrift store, from the thrift store

to home, from home to work, from work to home and is now destine for the Green Shag Market

antique mall!  Mobilite indeed!

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