Monday, August 20, 2012

Had To Spend A Little Time In My Booth At The Green Shag Market Today...And Yesterday. Stuff Got Sold And There's Gonna Be A News Crew Shooting There Wednesday Morning! Status: Restocked...Again!


...And since I was there and had some time on my hands I thought I'd shoot some pics of some of the other vendors wares. Things must going great for lots of the vendors because I see things disappearing regularly.


Like this Lane Perception Dining Table and Chairs. It WAS there Saturday and GONE Sunday!

Actually, I know exactly the What and Where of this amazing dining set. A buyer contacted me

via craigslist about the Baughman recliner that I recently dropped of at my booth. I directed her

to the antique mall to check it out and while there she not only snatched up the Baughman recliner

but also this beautiful Lane dining set! Win, win, win, win! (Buyer, vendor, vendor, mall)


So see anything you like?  Better get down there tout de suite since I've heard that the days right

after the mall shows up on TV the place gets mobbed!  I'm particularly smitten with the pair of

orange vinyl Overman pod chairs I lead off with.  That pair of walnut tulip style side tables stepped

into the space vacated by the Lane Perception dining table and chairs.  If you love the Taylor Smith

Taylor / Jamaica Bay line of dinnerware like I do, you're gonna want to grab up that NICE BIG

set.  Is that chair a Burke?  The base looks "Burkey" but I've never seen that style of tub before.

I likes it!


There are some great lamps available.  Matched sets are great...finding matched shades can be

a pain in the but though.  I'm going to try to learn to construct my own soon and maybe I'll be

able to help some of the other vendors with this issue.  Until're on your own!  But I

wouldn't hesitate to buy a matched set of lamps in the mean time.  They ain't easy to find either!


There is obviously much more available at the Green Shag Market than I'm showing here.  I tend

to (for obvious reasons) shoot pics of vintage modern items, and there's a lot more available here

than just vintage modern.  But I figure if you're looking at a blog called "Mr. Modtomic", there's

a good chance you might be more interested in the Modern / Atomic style stuff!  The variety of

vendors keeps the variety of offerings...well, varied!


And of course, I couldn't finish this post up without a couple gratuitous shots of my own booth.

I had spent a blistering half hour completely re-arranging Booth 44 to accommodate the Baughman

last Wednesday and it got sold so quickly that I had to go back in Saturday to see what I

had to deal with to get the booth looking nice and balanced again. I needed to fill some of the blank

walls and move things back where they were...sorta. I wish I had more time to get some other items

ready for the booth but I only had about 2 days notice that the news crew would be filming.

Sometimes you just gotta do the best with what you got!


  1. Man, why can't I find an antique mall like that around here in Western Massachusettes. I'd be broke very quickly!!!