Friday, July 11, 2014

I Don't Normally Tout Hotels Or Hotel Rooms Unless They Are Vintage Mom And Pop Places That Exceed Expectations...But This "Sleep Inn" Room In Provo Utah Just Floored Us. Status: Less Than $100 Before Taxes!


We booked this room from the road just using our "smart" phones.  Ain't it amazing what can be accomplished while driving these days?  They only had a couple rooms still available at this Sleep Inn in Provo Utah and we were lucky enough to snag this one...and for about $95!


I was shocked...Shocked! how nice this room was when we opened the door.  This is how it goes

when we're on the road during vacation: We do stuff all day and drive toward our next location until

it gets too dark to appreciate the view, then we scramble for a room for the night.  It almost always

works out.  We did end up sleeping in the car in Wyoming at a rest stop one night while on vacation. 

No big deal, we're pretty bohemian about such things.  But on our way toward the Canyonlands of

Utah we hit the Salt Lake area about 10:30pm and started looking for a place to crash.  I checked the

net and started reading reviews.  This place came up with descent comments and an affordable price

so we called to make the reservation...while still driving on the highway.


Not only did the reservation take (we were screwed by another national chain who failed to find our

two night reservation and had all the rooms but one stinky smoking room filled upon our arrival), but

when we opened the door we were taken aback by the fantastic decor.  And of course, free WiFi

(which, since we were back in civilization, we didn't necessarily need).  We were slightly

disappointed by the selections in the snack machine though and I have no idea if there was a pool or

hot tub or anything like that, but for a night's sleep...this was Nirvana!


Even the bathroom...The Bathroom!...was sweet.  Look at that cool flooring...and I'm no expert but I

think that vanity is actual granite. a motel bathroom.  And an affordable night's stay

motel bathroom.  Nothing special about the bath / shower, but it was super was everything

else.  Apparently this room had recently been remodeled and it really showed.  New (and very

stylish!) carpet and drapes, lovely bedding...and even a comfortable KING size mattress.


I gotta say, I don't normally even recall the name of any of the motels or hotels....or rest stops...we

stay the night in, so that I recall (and will keep in mind) this particular business kinda means

something.  I KNOW that I'll be looking for this chain in the future...and will be sure to ask for a

recently remodeled room (as this room was listed on their web site).  How rare is it to get More than

you expected?!

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  1. Nice place! The throw cover on the bed is Marimekko :)