Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Recent Additions To The Girlfriends Salt And Pepper Shaker Collection. She Has A Seriously Discerning Eye...Yet A Seriously Huge Collection! Status:


She may, for all I know, now have more salt and pepper shakers than she does vintage costume jewelry.  It's hard to tell.  We don't have as good a way to display the S&P sets as she does the jewelry...but I know she's got lots!


We find most of these at Flea Markets and Antique Malls.  I don't really keep track of what came

from where.  I think some of these came from a recent trip to the Union Flea about a month back. 

Maybe that little blue and white set.  It's unusual in that you don't pull it apart or anything.  You

simply shake it in one direction for salt...the other for pepper.  Neat right?


The Girlfriend doesn't really buy many promotional shakers but this is her second set of

Westinghouse washer / dryer shakers.  The first set went home with a couple who drove a long way to

relieve me of a beautiful vintage pink real washer and dryer.  The plastic set above the Westys is just

another example of the plastic dinnerware that she kinda collects as well. 

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  1. Love them all but especially the washer set. I collect shakers as well, but only about half of mine are vintage. They new ones always have a kitschy retro theme though.