Thursday, July 31, 2014

After Getting Frank Inspected And Tagged This Morning And Dropping Off A Pair Of Chairs Out At The Creve Coeur Antique Mall I Was Able To Nab This Beautiful Woodard Steel Mesh Dining Set In Illinois. Status: (Was) In The Booth @ Green Shag! (Now Gone)


Apparently this lovely Woodard steel mesh patio (or interior dinette) set was available on Craigslist for about a month before I noticed it a few nights ago.  How had something this amazing been so overlooked?  How had I overlooked it?  I guess that when we got home from vacation I wasn't on top of my game.


There's not a lot of info out there concerning this style of Woodard steel mesh furniture.  The

construction is very similar to that of the Russel Woodard Sculptura seating in that both utilize

formed steel mesh to create the seating surfaces.  Because of the shape given to the woven mesh the

form is strong enough that even very old Woodard chairs still look just like the day they were



I can't find much by way of definitive date info for this particular set but I have seen it described on

1stDibs as being from the '50s.  I do know that it is no longer a design offered by Woodard on their

web site.  The organic shape grabbed me right away when I spotted them the other night.  I didn't

know that they were Woodard but after about an hour of looking for them on the web I figured that

out.  I knew I had seen them somewhere before!


So I spent my morning desperately trying to get myself over to Illinois to pick these up.  It was a

challenge.  I was up and out of bed before 8am.  I know, I know..."8am?  WOW! Big deal."  But I

don't do mornings on work days.  Remember, I work 2nd shift.  Also, note that I'm often posting here

about 2 or 3 AM!  Anyway, I managed to get everything done SO EARLY that I even had time to

drop this set off at The Green Shag today.  Yes!  I'm blogging about it...AND It's Already Available!

That almost never happens.  Even a broken clock is right twice a day!


  1. WOW, fabulous patio set!!!

    1. Hi AH.

      Hopefully it'll find a new home soon. We've been having the most amazing weather this July, perfect for hanging out on the patio!