Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sunday's Visit To The Wentzville Flea Yeilded Some Interesting Results. Nothing Big Or Epic, But Some Pretty Cool Stuff None The Less. Status: Retro Smallsville!


The Wentzville flea has finally hit it's stride.  The last two Sundays have been well attended by the vendors which is a big 180 from the few couple weekends we had previously seen.  I still didn't find much, but I do find myself being a bit pickier these days.


Don Eldorado!  Nothing say quality Rum like a Tiki God and a name that screams Tequila.  Still, It's

a great vintage bar display piece and you won't easily find another.  One could even fill this with tiki

torch oil and a wick to illuminate an outdoor patio table setting.  Truth be told, I just couldn't resist

it's Tiki charm.


It's a shame this great Shriner's hat wasn't better kept.  Looks like someone just folded it up and kept

it in their jacket pocket.  Meh, it's felt.  It can me steamed back into proper shape.  It's in great

condition otherwise.  It's not quite as fancy as some of my other collection of Shriner hats, but it's still

got a little bling bling going for it.  Too bad it's too small for my gigantic noggin!


By far the coolest find is this pair of Quist vario candle holders, still sporting their original labels! 

How pretty is this pair of crystal and chrome candle balls in a lovely shade of smokey blue green? 

The are finely crafted in East Germany no less.  These may end up being kept since I have such a

hard time letting go of very fine items that I picked up for such a bargain price.  That and they're just

so easy on the old eyeballs!

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