Saturday, July 19, 2014

Oh Lord, Mr. M Has Been Soooo Lazy! I Blame It On The Dog Days Of Summer. I've Had This Coffee Table In The Back Of The Girlfriend's New GTI For A Couple Days But Forgot All About It! Status: Project?


This lovely little boomerang leg coffee table showed up at the St. Charles Salvation Army last weekend and luckily I made a point of dropping by Saturday (I often forget that they aren't open on Sunday!).  When I spotted it I immediately thought of a project Hannah had just done.


If you follow along with Hannah's (much neglected!) blog Secondhand, you might recognize this

type of table from a (relatively) recent post.  She turned hers into very stylish bench and when I

stumbled upon this one, think I might have possibly left it behind?  Nope!  So now I've got
the decision make as to whether or not to modify this piece or shift it as is.  The top is indestructible

Formica which is either a plus or a minus, depending on your living situation.


If you have kids...or are just a kid yourself (guilty as charged), Formica is almost a necessity.  If you

have no kids or just incredibly well trained kids (an old schoolfriend of mine it is

possible!) then you probably would never even consider anything with Formica.  So, I guess I'll mess

with cleaning up the legs and then decide which way to go with the top.  To cover...or not to cover...

THAT is the question!  


  1. Even Mary and Russel Wright favored Formica table tops in their book Guide to Easier Living from 1951!!

  2. I love the St Charles SA, they always have great stuff!! I really like this table!