Monday, July 7, 2014

I Don't Know What This Little Covered Bowl Is, But We Found It In A Little Second Hand Shop In Hot Springs South Dakota. What A Pretty Little Town That Is. Status: Mystery Find.


It was just so Mod looking that I couldn't leave it behind...even though I didn't know what it was or what it was used for!  Plus, there was a little surprise inside.


We were taking a circuitous route from Rapid City SD to the bottom of the scenic area of the Black

Mountains and happened to pass through Hot Springs.  What a picturesque little town.  Driving

through all slow and stuff, as one is required to do through Hot Springs, we stumbled across a tiny

second hand / thrift store that didn't really have too much that was interesting.  The lady running the

place said she just knew that this little bowl set was waiting for someone to show up and take it



But alas, what could this "New Trends Inc." bowl set be for?  Maybe you put nuts and a serving

spoon in it?  When I first saw it at the shop I thought it was an ashtray, but then I saw the six little

bowls inside of it.  I almost want to call this Lacquerware because it's painted yellow over black

plastic instead of just yellow plastic and it's made in Japan.  Anybody have any info. or ideas about

this set?  I'd like to have a better idea of it's intended use before I offer it up at the antique mall.


  1. It's a nut bowl, most likely missing the serving spoon.

  2. What Mike said! Definitely a nut bowl and missing the spoon. What a fun find!