Saturday, July 26, 2014

So This Happened Last Night. A "Seller" On Craigslist Wanted To GIVE This Florence Knoll Table Away...For The Low Low Price Of Nothing! I Had To Have It And Wasn't Down With Paying Nothing So I Made Him A Little Better Offer. Status: Acquired.


While the top leaves a little to be desired (although I do believe it to be a custom Knoll piece) this IS my favorite dining table.  This is the third Florence Knoll dining table / desk that I've come across but only the second that I've brought home.


My guess is that the top is half of a VERY large conference table, my guess is with TWO of these

Florence Knoll bases.  There's a stencil on the bottom of the top that matches the big steel X base

AND at the each of "Arm" there's a stamped number, ostensibly denoting which arm goes where. 

This makes me believe that the top really does go with the base.  Too bad it's only a half top.  There's

an open edge along one edge that has all sorts of connection points.


The only difference between this base and my personal dining table base is the feet.  This particular

base has glides while my own table has these little lego brick looking pads as do most of those that

I've seen on the web.  I kinda like the idea of the glides.  Maybe they can be raised up a little since

these bases leave the top a little low as a dining table. 


Sadly neither the base nor the top have the label still attached.  But the base did have this weird duct

tape label attached where no one would ever see it!  Looks like it was written by a four year old. 

That other sticker is just a moving company sticker.  Hopefully finding this amazing Florence Knoll

table is a sign of things to come.  Craigslist hasn't exactly been a cornucopia of amazing finds lately.

We'll see.

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