Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mr. Modtomic Is Such A Sucker For And Just Cannot Resist A Good Motel Sign! Driving Back From The Florida Keys We Happened Upon This One For The Suwannee Gables Motel And Out Came The Camera. Status: Nice Location.


That poor woman (the Girlfriend, that is), she just never knows when Frank is going to come to a screetching halt because of a cool vintage sign that popped up out of nowhere! This time we were ostensibly headed home with only a few days left of vacation. Somehow, between Key Largo and Destin FLA we found ourselves crossing the Suwanee River...yeah, just like in the old timey song!


Initially I had just stopped to knock out a few pics of the sign, but then an employee or perhaps the

owner asked if I had checked out the view of the river. After seeing what was back there I realized

that this was more than just a vintage roadside mom and pop motel...this could easily be a

destination! More pics would be necessary.


Unfortunately the day was getting away from us and I didn't have time to ask to shoot a room for you.

I imagine they are pretty standard with a mildly updated bed space and a vintage tiled bathroom.

Nothing too special but nothing any of us might find objectionable. These places remind me of the

old Chevys and Fords you'll find in Havana Cuba. Still useful and too precious to be rid of but kept

put together on a shoe string budget.


Then again, I might be wrong. They do have a decent pool that is not only in service but looked

clean. Are there alligators in the Suwanee River? I'd wanna find me a rope swing and do my

swimming in the river I think. But it is nice to have a choice and at the pool you'll get honks from all

the truckers driving by!


I could see us spending a week here except that I don't know how it would ever come to be. If I'd

made it THIS far there's no way I'm not going to the Keys! And will I ever tire of the Keys? Not

likely. I've been to the canyon lands of Utah MANY times and am always itchin' to go back. I don't

really get tired of these special destinations, I guess because they are so far removed from anything

like what we have here in the St. Louis area.


So...have YOU taken a little roadtrip adventure this Summer yet? Time's a waistin'! It won't be warm

and sunny for hours and hours many more days. Better get out there while you can. We are thinking

about a mini trip to Lake Of The Ozarks soon because I picked up a nostalgia magazine at a diner and

it had a vintage 1970 photograph of the strip. I spotted a cool neon motel sign in it and I decided to

see if it was still around. It is and now...I must investigate!


  1. Mr. ModT - thanks so much for slamming on the breaks when you see places like this (knowing that you and your dear gal have your seatbelts on!)

    I'm definitely putting a pin in my map for this place, and wouldn't have known about it if it weren't for you. If I had Retro Roadmap merit badges I'd send one to you immediately!

  2. Nice! Check out RoadsideArchitecture.com for hundreds cool buildings, etc.