Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Last Of The Summer Vacation Roadtrip Booty. I KNOW! "That's It?" Yup, I Guess I Spent Too Much Time At The Beach! Status: Back To "Work".


Not that I tried real hard but the thrifts, antique malls and flea markets weren't very kind to a Mr. this vacation. It makes me appreciate how good we've got it here in the STL. Sure, I can take a tour of a good number of our local thrifts and come up empty handed from time to time, but I'll always find something good eventually!


There were only two thrift stores that delivered the goods while we were on vacation. One was in

Jacksonville Beach and the other, somewhere along the gulf side of the peninsula. This whatnot dish

was found at the Goodwill in Jacksonville Beach after checking a couple other thrifts, antique mall

AND a flea market and finding nothing. I really thought Florida would be rife with kitschy

vintage, but it don't seem so. At least not where I looked.


This Jens Quistgaard Dansk salt / pepper grinder was a luck find at the other thrifting we stopped at

in southern FLA. It was super cheap AND on sale! Alas, some idiot pried the salt stopper off the top

with a knife...a couple of times. Oh well, it's not too bad but I won't be keeping it since I've already

got another. All of these items are headed to the shop just as soon as I get some tags made up for



I'm not sure what company made these baking dishes. I was thinking they were Glasbake until I

turned them over to take pictures of the bottom. I'd never seen the Blueberry pattern before and just

knew that they'd get snatched up if I put them in the shop so they got to come home with me. No way

am I gonna start a collection on Blueberry bakeware!


This little pair of Walnut candlesticks also came from the unidentified southern Florida thrift store.

They are marked on the bottom but neither the Girlfriend nor I could make out the name. They have

that lovely Scandinavian sculptural look to them and I'm sure they'll make a great subtle centerpiece

on someone's dining table soon. If you haven't been by the shop in St. Charles in a while you should

check it out, we've got tons of new stuff in!

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  1. You should have gotten over to the west coast to Tampa and stopped by while you were close. Maybe next trip!