Monday, July 22, 2013

Another Little Motel We Stayed At For A Single Evening While In Florida. This One - The Pelican Post - Was In Brandenton Beach FLA And Was Perfectly Situated Between The Beach And The Bay. Status: Cute As A Button!


We stopped here just before sunset actually just looking for a place to eat and got suckered by the laid back attitude of the area and the drop dead gorgeous beach.  Finding this little reasonably priced motel didn't hurt either!


While not at all's not much to look at.  The motel reminds me of the "instant towns"

that sprung up around Air Force bases and big projects like the Hoover Dam in the '50s.  If it weren't

for the lovely palm trees and foliage there wouldn't be much character at all out here.  But the joint is

well kept and clean.


We got the room for a song.  A call to the number provided at the closed for the evening office

yielded an "asking" of $100 a night.  I countered with an offer of $75 and the deal was done.

Normally I won't pay for a room before I get a good look inside but I had a good feeling about this

place.  It turned out I was right.  It was plenty nice inside.  Couple of quibles: the AC was not on and

it was quite warm in there at first and the AC is in the separated bedroom, the only TV was in the

separated living room / extra bedroom (futon) / kitchenette.  We like to sleep with the TV on in the

bedroom so we pulled out the quite comfy futon and made the best of it.  We were satisfied!


This is totally the kind of place that we would love to spend some time in though.  With the

kitchenette you can just go get some groceries for the week and save a ton of dough without eating

out for EVERY meal!  We really don't have any idea about the beds as we just pulled the cover off

one for the futon.  I imagine they were nice.  I think that what you see is one queen and one twin in

the bedroom.  And you can just peek into the fab. seafoam green tiled bathroom.


Man, it is hard to shoot a bathroom properly!  There's just no room to get far enough away from

anything to get a proper shot!  You can see that it was nice though, right?  Note also that the entire

floor of the room was tiled.  I like this in a beach town motel.  You're just gonna track sand in with

you no matter what so carpet is a bad idea.  The full tile treatment seems so much cleaner.


So I moan and groan a lot about cell phone cameras and mostly because people use them in a dark

house to take pictures for craigslist.  I was quite surprised at the photographic prowess my cell phone

provided when taking the above four pics.  I like to get pretty photographs to send back home from

each place we a make them jealous!  This was what made us stop here.  The

food at Banana Cabana was superb...including the Key Lime pie and after dinner we took a long

moonlit walk along the beach.  After a good nights sleep we woke the next morning and played and

paddled around the water.  This might become our new "Destin"!


  1. Looks like a Henry Link dresser in that bedroom shot. Faux bamboo doesn't have a strong following over here on my side of FLA, but it's huge on the east coast.

  2. I'm lovin' the tile in that bathroom! Nice! And the aqua tile in the kitchenette is pretty snazzy too!